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File Transfer to iPad Is Now Compatible with iPad 4 & iPad Mini

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- Latest release of file transfer to iPad software is now compatible with iPad 4 and iPad mini. Now users can easily backup their iPad 4 and iPad mini data using this third party tool. The release of new version of iPad includes 7'9'' screen, A6X chip processor, high definition retina display, supporting thousands of apps and new facilites. It is one of most powerful tablet PC brand and with its new version, the hand-held device will really be a loaded device. Backup is very much necessary for such devices as they contain lots of important data. User who want to keep backup, searches for any reliable and fast tool which can transfer complete data of iPad quickly and safely. And as per demand, the latest version for iPad file transfer software has entered the market which can quickly and effectively transfer all the files of newly launched iPad4 and mini to PC.

File transfer to iPad can also be done through the iTunes. But the tool is very complex to use. It drops the throughput of PC and also all kinds of apps can't be transferred through this utility specially those who are downloaded from other than Apple center. Also it works very slowly in transferring the files. But that is not the case with the third party software for iPad file transfer. The third party software provides facility to transfer sms, contacts, pdf, musics, videos, movies, apps, etc very easily through its friendly GUI. It can also be synchronized with latest iTunes11 library for any kind of file transfer.

Users have one more option other than third party software i.e. the use of iCloud service which Apple provides to its customer so that they can backup their data on remote server. Doing this makes the data available globally for the user. They can restore their data whenever they require, only thing they will need is an internet connection. But at the same time it is not feasible to upload and download large files like musics, videos and movies, also it will be very time consuming. So it will be better for the user to take backup of the iPad with a suitable software. Third party software provides all those facilities and allows to transfer any kind of file easily.

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About File transfer to iPad
File transfer to iPad software is the alternative option for iPad user to transfer their files to PC if they don't find iTunes and iCloud fast and feasible.