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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2013 -- The e cig has grown from being a mere fad to being a serious contender of the tobacco smoking industry with every intent of being the next step of evolution in smoking. This has been shown by some impressive numbers that have been more than enough to show to almost everyone including the non-smokers that the e cigarette is not only here to stay but to dominate as well. The most common example is that the electronic cigarette industry is growing at a phenomenon rate and that even the traditional tobacco companies are now investing into this industry by either setting up their own smoking devices brands or just simply buying over the already existing ones.

This comes as no surprise as seen in their sales figures which show that in 2012 they had a grand sales of half a billion dollars and now in 2013 they have already surpassed three times that amount and the most conservative estimates are saying that the growth will be at least 240% in a year alone. And it goes further in a recent analysis by the much respected financial organization,, there will be 2 billion less cigarettes that will be lit 2013 that they was in 2013. And the statements for the UAS financial powerhouse Wells Fargo that by 2023 there will be more people vaping the best e cigarette than they are smoking regular cigarettes.

Yet in light of all the negative media coverage that the e cig has been receiving it has always banked on one element that in all the 9 years that the smoking device has been in the market there is yet to be a causality or fatality. And also that there are more and more people that are growing to accept the vapor cigarette both as smokers and as non-smokers.

Whilst there are no definitive records that the e cig is really beneficial to assisting smokers in reducing their smoking dependence, there are a growing number of smokers that claim the smoking device has created a marked improvement in their health. This has been attributed as one of the main reasons why the electronic cigarette brands have been so successful.

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