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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2014 -- The electronic cigarette has show off what many are calling without doubt the best definitive proof that the vaping industry is all for the mature smoking and that they do not want minors using their products. In the latest version produced by a US-based manufacturer that the e cigarette now comes with and biometric scanner that identifies the rightful owner to the cigarette. whilst it is still a mere concept, there are those that say such a method of thinking and innovation by the e cig industry can be described only as definitive and that it put to rest all those claims that have been levied against this fast growing industry.

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Thus on Tuesday an electronic cigarette company revealed a new, high performing tech-savvy functionality version of the smoking device that uses fingerprint of the smoker in order to determine who is using it. Whilst this has been marketed as a means of preventing the electric cigarette from being used by strangers other than the owner, most people are saying that it is a definitive answer to the accusations that have been levied against the smoking devices that they are selling them to minors. The e cigarette prototype is being touted as a personalized electronic vaporizer that is equipped with a built in fingerprint scanner used to identify who is using it, thus making it impossible for anyone with the wrong fingerprints to use it.

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The prototype electronic cigarette was unveiled at the current on-going at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada which many call the annual get together of tech innovations as well as show place for the next in tech gadget. In light of the recent and rapid growth of the e cig market as a whole however, this type of feature could prove to be an innovative idea as the nation’s major cities like New York have begun a move to prohibit the use of e cigarette products in public places.

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