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Report Published: "Insurance Technology Market in Europe 2015-2019"

LogoFast Market Research announces the availability of Technavio's new report "Insurance Technology Market in Europe 2015-2019" on their comprehensive research portal.

A Plus Insurance Launches Informational Campaign in Response to Mounting SR22 Tumult

As the annual number of calls for license revocations approaches 200,000 in the state of Colorado, the demand for SR22 continues to escalate. While a growing number of area residents are being informed they need this additional element in order to drive legally, few fully understand just what it entails. In light of such mounting confusion, Michael Floyd of A Plus Insurance has launched a campaign to better inform the public on this topic.

American Collectors Insurance Providing Coverage for Huge Variety of Collectibles

LogoWhile many collections involve a significant financial investment, oftentimes collectors will find that their items hold emotional and nostalgic value that may be worth more than the items' simple cash value. Protecting items from damage caused by accidental breakage, fire, flood, theft or natural disaster becomes, in this case, of even greater importance. Whether concerned with protecting their objects of value as a future asset or looking to ensure that they are able to replace any items with sentimental value, American Collectors Insurance offers comprehensive collectors insurance plans for many different types of collections.

Wade Insurance Agency, Inc. Offers Solutions to Insurance Throughout Philadelphia

LogoEvery insurance policy needs to be personalized for the policyholder, whether it's for a home, a boat, an automobile, a business or anything else. Individuals should be wary, when purchasing policies, that they receive a policy written in their favor instead of their insurance company's. That is why Wade Insurance Agency, Inc., a leading provider of varying insurance in Philadelphia, as well as auto tag services, is announcing their availability to provide insurance policy solutions for potential policyholders throughout the city.

Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency Provides Tips to Save Money on Motorcycle Insurance

LogoAs in most states, Pennsylvania does not have a set rate for motorcycle insurance; it varies widely based on the type of coverage preferred, the amount of time spent riding the bike, how and where it is ridden (i.e. with a passenger or on a track) and each rider's eligibility for discounts. Factors like age, driving history, motorcycle type, credit score and storage methods also affect the rates of coverage. The Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency, a leading provider of motorcycle insurance in Philadelphia and the surrounding regions, always recommends full Comprehensive and Collision coverage for their policyholders, as it provides coverage for theft and accidents, as well as for damages caused by fire, vandalism and storms. However, the company also recognizes that full coverage can be prohibitively expensive and, as such, has compiled a list of tips to save money on motorcycle insurance.

Philadelphia Organization Available to Provide Top Notch Independent Claims Adjusters Nationwide

AAA Public Adjusters handles claims of all kinds for policyholders nationwide through their locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They are well-recognized as claims adjusters throughout Philadelphia, due to the fact that they have successfully helped many clients with receiving the compensation they deserve from their insurance policy. They would like to announce their availability for the upcoming months to provide top notch independent claims adjusters nationwide, for any individual in the process of filing a claim or coping with a claim rejection.

Get Health Insurance with Affordable Health Insurance Quotes from Kaups Insurance

Health insurance doesn't have to be complicated as it has become a necessity in today's times. It is a long term investment and it is important that one considers various options before purchasing it. Nowadays, majority of people choose to buy private health insurance. The requirements for health insurance depend on the needs and circumstances of the individual so they must be flexible. Considering the complexities related to purchasing one, Kaups Insurance is now providing affordable health insurance quotes in Minnesota.

Report: China and India Exhibiting High Growth Potential for Bank assurance

LogoBancassurance, or bank insurance model (BIM), refers to an arrangement wherein insurance products are sold through banking channels via tie-ups. This is the result of the amalgamation of a bank and an insurance company aiming to reach out to a wider customer base. The concept originated in Europe in the 1980s and has now become popular the world over. Consolidation in the financial services sector is resulting in bank assurance becoming vital to the growth of the overall financial services market.

Get Affordable Life Insurance Quotes from Kaups Insurance

Acquiring a life insurance policy not only ensures security for the family but also helps people get peace of mind. However, before purchasing one it is essential for them to consider several options and obtain life insurance quotes from each to compare. To help people in making the right insurance choice, Kaups Insurance is providing life insurance quotes from a vast collection of insurance companies. With the help of these quotes, people can get complete details regarding the policies such as insurance limits, upgrading of policies, premiums and levels of coverage.

Tips for a Houston Auto Insurance Plan That Is Beneficial and Fool Proof

You may be a very careful and a responsible driver, but you do not want to be a victim to someone else's mistake. Talking on the phone while on the wheel distracting and dividing attention, is a very common issue. Accidents are inevitable and they do happen. Being a victim to an accident is not in your hands, but being able to avoid paying heavy bills, and falling prey to fraudulent ways of getting money out of you is definitely in your hands. While finding a great auto insurance coverage used to be a hard task to accomplish, certain advancements have made it easier to select the perfect policy for your insurance needs. Many insurance companies like Houston Auto Insurance are offering the option to customize your own insurance plan, allowing you to only pay for the coverage that you need. This can help you reduce your monthly car insurance premiums. Keep in mind that some states have certain requirements on the minimum amount of car insurance that car owners are expected to carry.

Study: Bancassurance Model Helps Banks to Increase Their Financial Product Portfolio and Cross-Sell Insurance Products

LogoBancassurance, or bank insurance model (BIM), refers to an arrangement wherein insurance products are sold through banking channels via tie-ups. This is the result of the amalgamation of a bank and an insurance company aiming to reach out to a wider customer base. The concept originated in Europe in the 1980s and has now become popular the world over. Consolidation in the financial services sector is resulting in bancassurance becoming vital to the growth of the overall financial services market.

Silver Rock Partners Reports the Release of a New Innovative Tool Known as the Virtual Estate Planning Analysis Platform

Silver Rock Partners, a progressive and innovative estate-planning firm reports the release of its unique online technology for estate planning known as the virtual estate planning analysis or VEPA. This technologically advanced custom online resource is intended to make estate plan establishment easier and more convenient for clients located anywhere in the country. It provides for easy access to a real-time demo of an actual planning analysis. Clients are able to speak with an estate plan advisor while they view an actual plan online. This is intended to allow clients to make a more informed decision when initiating estate planning. Managers at Silver Rock Partners have stated "the primary goal of this new and unique technology is to provide cutting-edge services to its valued clients."

Silver Rock Partners Announces the Release of a First of Its Kind Virtual Estate Planning Analysis Tool

Silver Rock Partners, a leader in the field of estate planning and life insurance announces the recent release of its first virtual estate planning analysis online tool. Innovative, unique and custom in every way, the virtual estate-plan tool made available by Silver Rock Partners is changing the way legacy planning is conducted in the modern digital world. The digital document or e-book style technology that is accessed via a pass code features a wide variety of planning related documentation. This includes everything from a summary of a survivorship trust to a single life trust and a wife's will as well as a husband's will. Also included is a federal estate tax schedule. A healthcare proxy, a revocable living trust, durable power of attorney, and a HIPPA document as well as insurance schedule and analysis round out this custom online resource.

Florida Quick Quotes Announces Opening of New Auto Insurance Website

LogoFlorida Quick Quotes, providing 24-hour access to free insurance quotes, has opened a new website that is now up and running. The service does not require signup. Visitors can get started right away by entering their zip code on the homepage and choosing an available auto insurance provider. Once on the insurer's site, they can obtain a low quote for coverage and compare rates from several different insurance companies in their local area quickly.

Good Growth Expected in the Czech Republic Insurance Industry

LogoThe Czech life segment is going to return to more positive growth in 2015 following a relatively stagnant 2014. The life market stands to benefit from new tax incentives as well as a gradually improving domestic economic environment. The Czech non-life sector is expected to show good growth in 2015, driven primarily by an expansion in the large motor vehicle insurance line.

Kenya Insurance Report: Sector Is Among the Most Developed in Sub-Saharan Africa

LogoBy various measures, Kenya's insurance sector is among the most developed in Sub-Saharan Africa. The country has a high level of insurance penetration with premiums equivalent to about 3% of GDP, and is also home to some of Africa's largest insurance groups as well as a number of major multinational firms.

Newly Released Market Study Provides Insights Into the Canada Insurance Industry

LogoThe Canadian insurance market is among the largest and most developed of those we monitor and is home to some of the most recognised brands in the world. The development of the sector has been accelerated by the robust nature of the Canadian financial services sector and wider economy, both of which made it through the global financial crisis relatively unscathed compared to the US and major European economies. While intense brand competition coupled with high levels of penetration and density will limit the pace of growth in insurance premiums over the next few years, we are confident that major segments will be able to sustain a steady, single-digit level of expansion through to end-2019 and beyond.

Economic Volatility Primary Cause for Under-Developed Insurance Sector in Turkey: New Report

LogoThe expansion of the Turkish insurance sector in USD terms will be hampered, both in 2015 and through the forecast period as a whole, by the general weakness of the TRY. The general prospects for the non-life segment are favourable. Motor vehicle insurers should benefit from the rise in the number of cars on Turkey ' s roads and from coverage of previously uninsured vehicles. Property insurance should expand thanks to the growth in the number and value of insurable risks. Increasing private health expenditure is good news for the health insurers. Meanwhile, it seems reasonable to look for smaller sub-sectors (such as credit/financial guarantee insurance) to expand even more rapidly than the three largest sub-sectors. Persistent challenges such as the low income levels of many households will continue to retard the development of the life segment.

Demand for Nigeria Insurance Products to See Boost from Rising Household Spending

LogoIn spite of low penetration levels, Nigeria's life and non-life insurance segments are set to grow at high single-digit to double-digit rates through the next years. The country's favourable economic prospects, leading to rising household spending, and rapidly growing population will produce a strong boost in demand for life and non-life products, which will attract more foreign insurance companies and consequently increase the level of competitiveness within both markets . Importantly, however, investors should be mindful of potential challenges which reside mainly in currency movements due to falling oil prices as well as national security issues.

"Governance, Risk and Compliance - The Cambodian Insurance Industry" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoThe report provides insights into the governance, risk and compliance framework relating to the insurance industry in Cambodia, including:

New Market Report: Governance, Risk and Compliance - The Argentine Insurance Industry

LogoThe report provides insights into the governance, risk and compliance framework pertaining to the insurance industry in Argentina, including:

The Insurance Industry in Costa Rica, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2019 - New Market Research Report

LogoThe report provides in-depth market analysis, information and insights into the Costa Rican insurance industry, including:

Philadelphia Independent Public Adjusters Provide Complimentary Consultations for Clientele

Every year, individuals suffer from property damage, either from the aftereffects of natural disasters and severe weather, or due to the negligence or malicious actions of others, such as in the case of vandalism. And, every year, individuals battle with insurance companies to receive the compensation that they are entitled to as policyholders. Philadelphia independent public adjusters, AAA Public Adjusters are a group of Philadelphia and Bucks County, PA, Public Adjusters currently announcing their availability to provide complimentary consultations for all clientele making insurance claims.

Errors and Omissions Insurance Canada Now Offering Instant Free Quote from Nation's Biggest Insurers

Insurance is absolutely essential for any business enterprise, ensuring they are protected from circumstances that could, without insurance, devastate a company's future. Getting insurance in Canada can be a cumbersome and time consuming process, but Errors and Omissions Insurance Canada is reversing that trend by offering a powerful price comparison with expert consultancy to ensure each business can quickly and effectively source the most affordable professional liability insurance for their company.

Wade Insurance Agency, Inc. Providing Comprehensive, Affordable Car Insurance Policies

LogoOffering personalized treatment and a stress-free insurance buying experience, Wade Insurance Agency, Inc. is providing comprehensive car insurance policies at an affordable price. As an independent insurance agency, coverage is customized for each driver to meet their requirements.