Financial Press Releases

Investigation for Investors in Shares of California Resources Corp (NYSE:CRC) Announced

An investigation was announced on behalf of investors in NYSE:CRC shares over possible wrongdoing at California Resources and NYSE:CRC stockholders should contact the Shareholders Foundation.

Investigation Announced for Investors in Shares of Packaging Corp of America (NYSE:PKG)

An investigation was announced on behalf of investors in shares of Packaging Corp Of America was announced over potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain directors at Packaging Corp Of America .

Rising Medical Insurance Supporting Growth in Vietnam Insurance Industry


Big Pharmas Vying for Product Specific Deals in Global RNAi Industry

LogoWith an anticipated change in the patents and licenses scenario in the pharmaceutical industry, it is expected that more firms would explore RNAi technology to offer RNAi based products, says RNCOS.

New Report Ranks the Top Portfolio Management KPIs of 2010, the world’s largest source of thoroughly documented Key Performance Indicator (KPI) examples announces that Planning and Quality Performance KPIs dominate the “Top 25 Portfolio Management KPIs of 2010” report.

Consumers in New York Taking the Time to Research the Rules and Regulations for Cash Advances

LogoStruggling financially is something that can happen to the best of us, especially in these difficult economic times. That is why consumers are looking for safe, secure ways to get out of debt without digging deeper into a financial crisis. Fortunately, cash advances are available for residents in New York and serve as an effective short-term solution for financial difficulties.

Crescent State Bank Names News Vice President, Branch Sales Manager

Michael G. Carlton, president of Crescent State Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of Crescent Financial Corporation, (NASDAQ Global MarketSM), has announced that Gary L. Williams has been named vice president, branch sales manager for the bank’s Preston office in Cary. In this position, Williams will oversee office operations and provide sales and management expertise to enhance current banking and loan relationships. In addition, Williams will serve as the chairperson for the Crescent State Bank Cary Junior Bank Board, which aims to help Cary High School students develop leadership skills and teach them the fundamentals of banking and the business community.

CSR24 and TAM Now Sync to Free up Agents’ Time for More Customer Service

As more independent insurance agents accommodate customers who want direct access to their own policy information and insurance forms, a new automated function makes it easy for agents to track and report on all activities initiated by policyholders.

Financial OEE Includes Theory of Constraints According to Memex Automation

Financial OEE must include the theory of constraints (TOC) management, quick changeovers, production–production capability balance, conditioned-based maintenance, and a maintenance strategy of short frequent linestops. Any one of these tools or techniques might leverage additional productivity out of the hidden factory at many plants worldwide and could be financially important to a company’s overall business.

Cash Advance Laws in North Carolina Make Cash Advances Illegal Educates Consumers on the Laws that Make Cash Advances Illegal in North Carolina

Australia Defines Transfer Pricing Rules for Business Restructuring

The Australian Tax Offices (ATO) has set out new rules on transfer pricing for business restructuring by multinational enterprises.

Cash Advance Laws Give Borrowers in North Dakota Added Protection Urges Consumers to Read the Written Agreement before Taking out a Cash Advance in North Dakota

Cash Advance Rules and Regulations in Oregon To Be Expressed Clearly in Written Agreement

LogoMany consumers find themselves in need of a financial boost at some point in time. A cash advance in Oregon can be a sensible solution when handled properly. Although legal in the state of Oregon, there are firm rules and regulations that borrowers need to be aware of in order to avoid further financial struggles.

Pennsylvania Cash Advances Follow Strict Rules and Regulations

LogoConsumers interested in a cash advance in Pennsylvania should be well-informed of the rules and regulations that exist in their state. Although cash advances seem to be a suitable solution for financial hardships, there are many factors that can affect the value of these loans.

Revolutionary Trading System With Consistently High Results Causes a Stir Amongst Traders

The stock market is a volatile business, and it is easy to become disheartened when efforts and investments don’t give the expected return. There are myriad stock market trading systems promising big results to traders, and Emini Day Trading is proving to be a reliable, effective route for traders who are tired of losing money and tired of failure. Many traders are now turning to the <a href="">Emini Trading System</a> for a simple and effective strategy to help them benefit from the stock market and achieve long term results that speak for themselves.

Paycheck Cash Advance Laws Protect Oklahoma Borrowers from High Interest Rates and Fees Advises Oklahoma Consumers to be Familiar with the Laws Surrounding Paycheck Cash Advances

Taipan Publishing Group Reveals a Way to Profit from Washington’s Antics

LogoTaipan Publishing Group, a leading financial research publisher, is preparing to launch a new video broadcast, titled “The Money Crisis Survival Webinar.” This new webinar will focus on the recent global events and how these events will contribute to the inevitable financial collapse of the nation.

Rhapsody Launches IFRS Certification and XBRL Overview Course in Delhi

LogoRhapsody Accounting and Advisory Services Private Limited ("Rhapsody" ) Announces the launch of 2nd Batch of the IFRS-XBRL Certificate Programme in Delhi during July 2011. Debuts Finance News Section

LogoMany people may view the payday loan industry as a confusing world of high interest rates and hidden fees. is eliminating any anxiety consumers may feel with the introduction of its Finance News section. By keeping borrowers informed on the latest finance stories, trends and developments, intends to improve the user experience and create a resource for anyone who would like to learn more.

Cedar Brook Financial Partners LLC Raises Money for MedWish International

Employees at the Cleveland wealth management firm pay to wear jeans to work to support MedWish

Select Commercial Funding LLC Funds $600,000 Loan for a Retail Store and Warehouse Located in Eastpoint GA

Select Commercial Funding LLC provides $600,000 funding for a commercial mortgage located at 1401 Willingham Drive, Eastpoint GA

Nair & Co. Transitions to SSAE 16 Compliance

LogoNair & Co., a global integrated solutions provider helping companies with international expansion plans, today announced that it is compliant with the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No. 16.

Dennis Tubbergen Shows Us More Government Unintended Consequences

Financial advisor takes some excerpts from his new book to show us how the results of Government intervention do not always give the results that were anticipated.

Financial Advisor Takes a Look at Some Government “Dumb Stuff”

Dennis Tubbergen takes a closer look at how the U.S. government can spend money on things we might question.

Payday Loans from Payday Loan Ranger Come to the Rescue for Families in Tight Financial Spots!

Financial demands and expensive commodities are all part of the modern world, and it’s an unavoidable fact that living costs are refusing to slow down and that wages aren’t stretching as far as they once did. From car loans to utility bills and school fees, the list of bills waiting to be paid seems endless, and the last minute expenses that inevitably land at the worst moments - like medical fees and emergency home repairs - compound this. Miss a payment, moreover, and banks are quick to threaten fees, which can spell disaster for the month’s finances and budgets.

Payday Loan Tree Revolutionises Online Payday Loans by Offering Finance to Clients With a Bad Credit History

As living expenses continue to rise, pay checks are not stretching as far as most people would like, and with numerous bills draining back accounts, they have often disappeared long before the next one is due. Meanwhile, pressing bills are still awaiting payment, and the clock is ticking. Combine this with the skyrocketing price of everyday items and unexpected emergency expenses and it can be a huge challenge to make a pay check last the distance. Moreover, defaulting on a bill or card payment means dealing with charges from the bank, which can signal disaster for the fragile credit rating.

A New Pathway to Loans With Payday Loan 90

The pay cheque came in today but it doesn’t quite cover all the bills. Soon, there will be a phone call wanting a payment made by tomorrow but the next pay cheque doesn’t come through until next fortnight.