Financial Press Releases

Investigation for Investors of Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc. (NASDAQ:HSII)

An investigation on behalf of investors of Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc. (NASDAQ:HSII) shares over potential securities laws violations by Heidrick & Struggles International and certain of its directors and officers in connection certain financial statements was announced.

Investigation for Investors in Shares of IDI, Inc. (NYSEMKT:IDI) over Potential Wrongdoing by Certain Directors

An investigation for investors in shares of IDI, Inc. (NYSEMKT:IDI) concerning potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain directors of IDI was announced.

Charge Cards in the Czech Republic - New Report Available

LogoCharge cards remained in the shadow of debit and credit cards in the Czech Republic over the review period. Charge cards continued to be perceived as exclusive cards and many consumers remained unaware of the concept behind these cards and the benefits they offered. Operators struggled to find the best distribution method to increase the popularity of the charge cards, while issuers only kept charge cards in their portfolio as an addition to other products and to offer customers a complete...

Non-Life Insurance in Slovenia, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2017 - New Study Released

LogoNon-life insurance was the largest segment in the Slovenian insurance industry in 2012, contributing 42.3% of the overall industry's written premium share. The segment registered a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 0.1% during the review period (2008-2012), representative of an annual decline of -3.7%. The decline was primarily due to the fall in demand for automobiles as a result of the eurozone crisis. However, the segment received a stimulus due to the growing awareness for property insurance and the absence of natural disasters during the review period. Over the forecast period (2012-2017), government measures, such as privatization and labor reforms to provide easy and cheap labor to companies, aim to increase employment and support businesses. Recovery from the eurozone's sovereign debt crisis, reduced real estate prices and further measures by the government to support the country's economy are all expected to encourage the segment to post a forecast-period CAGR of 3.8% over the forecast period.

New Market Report Now Available: Nigeria's Cards and Payments Industry: Emerging Opportunities, Trends, Size, Drivers, Strategies, Products and Competitive Landscape

LogoThe Nigerian card payments channel recorded strong growth during the review period both in terms of volume and value. The card payments channel grew at a review-period CAGR of 12.89%, rising from 30.5 million cards in circulation in 2009 to 49.5 million in 2013. Over the forecast period, the card payments channel is forecast to register a CAGR of 9.76%, rising from 56.1 million cards in circulation 2014 to 81.4 million in 2018. The review-period growth was a result of the Nigerian government's efforts to move its cash-based economy towards non-cash payments. Projects such as Cash-Less Lagos have been launched to promote electronic payments and curb issues such as tax evasion and money laundering. In terms of transaction value, the card payments channel grew at a significant CAGR of 31.69% during the review period, from NGN1.1 trillion (US$7.1 billion) in 2009 to NGN3.2 trillion (US$20.3 billion) in 2013. The channel is expected to post a forecast-period CAGR of 11.09%, from NGN3.6 trillion (US$22.4 billion) in 2014 to NGN5.5 trillion (US$31.1 billion) in 2018. Mobile payments (m-payments) registered an exponential review-period CAGR of 147.46%, from NGN1.3 billion (US$8.4 million) in 2009 to NGN47.1 billion (US$300.4 million) in 2013. M-payments are anticipated to record a forecast-period CAGR of 23.24%. E-commerce also grew at a healthy review-period CAGR of 24.29%, from NGN38.6 billion (US$259.2 million) in 2009 to NGN92.1 billion (US$586.9 million) in 2013, and is anticipated to record a forecast-period CAGR of 12.63%. Outbound travel spending by retail and corporate consumers increased during the review period at a CAGR of 17.25%, and is anticipated to increase further over the forecast period at a CAGR of 9.31%, fueling the growth of travel cards. In 2012, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) introduced a new policy stipulating a cash handling charge on daily cash withdrawals or deposits which exceed NGN500,000 (US$3,188.6) for individuals and NGN3,000,000 (US$19,131.5) for corporate bodies, in order to reduce the amount of physical cash in circulation. The policy is initially piloted in Lagos and will be gradually introduced in other Nigerian states. Consumers, financial institutions and the government are all expected to benefit from the policy.

Non-Life Insurance in Indonesia, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2018 - New Market Report

LogoThe Indonesian non-life insurance segment accounted for 18.1% of the total insurance industry's gross written premium in 2013. The segment grew at a review-period (2009-2013) compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.6%, as a result of a favorable regulatory framework for non-life products such as motor, property, and marine, aviation and transit insurance. It was further supported by a rise in passenger car sales, property prices and other improving economic indicators, as Indonesia's GDP grew at a review-period CAGR of 6.2%. These factors are also expected to support the segment over the forecast period (2014-2018). As a result, it is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 9.6% over the forecast period.

Insolvency- One of the Main Causes for Liquidation of a Company

Owning a company can be an extremely exciting and rewarding experience. Yet, it can also be one filled with anxiety, unease, and financial loss. If one has bared the energy and effort, one is expelling to be able to run their company isn't any longer worth the gain or results; one might need to consider dissolving a company. While this requires time and adherence to legal demands, it can be an excellent choice for alleviating unneeded pressure in their life.

Proper Insolvency Advice Can Aid to Save One's Firm

In recent times many individuals have found themselves involved in, or influenced by a liquidation or insolvency procedure. If anyone of these individuals faces this issue then they might be a bit perplexed and on the surface it can sometimes look worse than it really is. The term liquidation describes the procedure by which a firm goes through when it sells off its assets to raise money to pay off lenders. For many firms liquidation is a fresh start, when they are able to get old debts off their back and get the breathing room that's needed to chart a fresh course.

Catamount Funding Among Top Invoice Factoring Companies Provides Services to Increase Working Capital

LogoCatamount Funding is among the top invoice factoring companies and provides account receivable factoring services to increase the working capital and growth of one’s business. They suggest to clients that they understand that the important item is not financial growth, but the customers who are credit worthy. Also, with their receivable factoring services, a company can get the working capital essential to withstand growth while still covering overhead. According to surveys, there are many companies that are unable to obtain satisfactory bank credits to finance growth, which makes account factoring a great option for them. In addition to accounts receivable factoring, they also help solve critical cash flow issues.

Revolutionary Trading Product Allows Trading on the Go

LogoSuccessful traders have to keep tabs on what stock prices are fluctuating all the time to stay at the top of their game. They cannot miss potentially great trades just because they are on the go.

Payday Loan Services Challenged by Innovative Website Matching Individual Borrowers and Lenders

LogoLoan Investment Group wants those in need of short term financial help under $1000 to know that they seek to, "give a helping hand when you need it the most". Today the company announced the rollout of their innovative lending system through their new website at Not a bank or a payday loan service, this innovative new tech based finance company links borrowers with independent lenders. Each party negotiates the terms of a loan privately.

Lenders Site Successfully Campaigns for Cheaper Unsecured Loans No Credit Check

The damages that the extreme economic recession of 2008 left behind are still being felt up to this day and consumers are now struggling with a high cost of living. has put in some efforts to advance credit financing at lower costs to persons seeking collateral-free offers that do not involve credit verification. This is a move that will also be assisting borrowers in repaying their debts more easily.

Unsecured Loans for People with Bad Credit- Up to $12,000 Now Available on the Package

Consumers are now feeling the wrath of the high cost of living and has been receiving numerous requests for increased financing on the available programs. This will be a dream come true for those who use collateral-free offers since the lenders have agreed with a new cash limit. There is a very short application procedure that consumers will be following when going for the higher amounts.

Company Launches a $4,000 Low Interest Offer on Short Term Bad Credit Loans

Short term offers are usually expensive since they are given out at higher interest rates owing to their simple requirements. is now giving this a whole new meaning since it will be giving out such at reduced interest rates. A move has also been made to increase the amounts accessible through the package and it will now be available for a big number of financial needs.

Kaups Insurance Announces Free Online Auto Insurance Quotes in MN

Kaups Insurance announces to offer free online auto insurance quotes in MN by the most qualified insurance contractors. Today, most every family requires multiple cars due to uncountable responsibilities. Therefore, one should get multiple insurances to prevent future problems. The company connects customers with many reliable and truthful companies who have expertise in providing multiple car insurance quotes. In addition to this, one can then use these quotes to purchase policies that are both beneficial and safe.

Company Introduces Speedy Cash Online Loans Carrying Up to $3,000

Borrowers now have a chance of taking care of their small financial problems immediately by opting for this product that has been unveiled by The lenders will be allowing them to use the cash for any purpose whether plumbing repairs, auto repair, medical expenses and repair of home appliances among others. They will also be free to go for the exact figures that match their problems.

Financial Myth Busting Radio Show with Host Dawn Bennett Interviewed Thomas Peterffy, Founder of Interactive Brokers, on High Frequency Trading and Dark Pools

LogoNationally Syndicated Financial Myth Busting Radio Show with Host Dawn Bennett, CEO of Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, on May 11, 2014, interviewed Thomas Peterffy, the founder and head of Interactive Brokers, an online discount brokerage firm with offices all over the world.

Recently Released Market Study: Life Insurance Policies and Premiums in Denmark to 2017: Market Databook

LogoThis report is the result of Timetric's extensive market research covering the life insurance industry in Denmark . It contains detailed historic and forecast data for policies and premiums. "Life Insurance Policies and Premiums in Denmark to 2017: Market Databook" provides detailed insight into the operating environment of the life insurance industry in Denmark . It is an essential tool for companies active across the Danish life insurance value chain and for new players considering to enter the market.

Selected Loans Publishes Latest US Mortgage Rates and Offers Mortgage Rate Comparison Tool

Irresponsible lending of mortgages created the financial crisis in 2007 that even now is still taking its toll on ordinary working citizens. As a result, mortgages have become much more tightly regulated, and with the property marketing still at a crawl, low interest rates are common. This makes it a perfect time to prepare to invest in a home with a fixed rate mortgage, but finding the right provider and the right time can be difficult. provides all the news and tools people need to make the right call.

All Penny News: Amazon Most Popular Online Place for Pet Food and Supplies According to Pethealth Survey Media, Inc. ( announces its latest article titled “Amazon Most Popular Online Place for Pet Food and Supplies According to Pethealth Survey.”

TheForexArticles.Com Updates Their Review of the Zulutrade Automated Forex Signals Service for 2014 originally reviewed the ZuluTrade automated signals service a few years ago. However they have recently updated this article and posted an updated review of ZuluTrade for 2014.

Brent Bawden Announces New Website-Tool to Avoid Bankruptcy Slip-Ups

LogoAdvocate Oil and Gas was established by Oil and Gas industry icon, Brent Bawden. Advocate specializes in purchasing oil and gas minerals. Their experienced team has managed over $250,000,000 in mineral purchases the last 8 years. They are interested in discussing the financial benefits of producing royalties, non-producing minerals, and overriding royalty interests with the owner. To contact Brent Bawden, receive a FREE: “How to Avoid Mineral Right Bankruptcy” ebook! Advocate’s niche is purchasing Royalties, Overriding Royalties, Non-Producing Mineral Rights and Working Interests nationwide. Since 2007, Advocate Executives have successfully completed over 7,500 royalty transactions. Through their vast professional experience, they have developed world-class royalty acquisition capabilities, which enables them to assess royalty holdings and close transactions at maximum market values in days where others so-called experts would take weeks. Advocate Oil and Gas (214) 647 - 1100

Internet Company Announces New Partnerships with Lenders for Bad Credit

LogoCases of persons with low credit rankings are still on the rise and this is a situation that has been contributing to increased demand for poor credit loans. has now made a move to contain the situation and the management has managed to expand the network of lenders. The search was pretty intensive and applicants will be dealing with the best.

Life Insurance Distribution Channels in the Netherlands to 2017: Market Databook - New Market Report

LogoThis report is the result of Timetric's extensive market research covering the life insurance industry in the Netherlands. It contains detailed historic and forecast data for distribution channels. "Life Insurance Distribution Channels in the Netherlands to 2017: Market Databook" provides detailed insight into the operating environment of the life insurance industry in the Netherlands. It is an essential tool for companies active across the Netherlands life insurance value chain and for new players considering to enter the market.

ATM Cards in Poland - New Market Study Published

LogoThe rapid development of card payment technologies in Poland, especially proximity cards and mobile payments, has motivated the country's leading ATM companies to introduce new functionalities. Even though the number of ATM cards in circulation continues growing, the number of transactions per machine declined by 1% in 2012. Poland's ATMs are currently still used almost exclusively to withdraw cash.

Now Available: Insight Report: Mortgage Market Trends in the US, UK, Ireland and Australia

LogoThe subprime mortgage crisis of 2008 severely impacted numerous world economies. Reckless lending practices by banks and rising house prices led to an increasing number of foreclosures in mortgage markets around the world. While economies such as the US and UK have shown signs of improvement in the overall mortgage market, Ireland has recorded a negative trend in the mortgage market as its economy continues to struggle. Australia, on the other hand, remained resilient and was less impacted by the crisis, supported by strong banking and consumer protection regulations in the country.

Doral Financial Corp. (NYSE:DRL) Investor Alert: Lawsuit over Alleged Securities Laws Violations Filed

LogoAn investor, who purchased shares of Doral Financial Corp. (NYSE:DRL), filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Puerto Rico over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws by Doral Financial Corp. in connection with certain allegedly false and misleading statements made between April 2, 2012 and May 1, 2014.