Financial Press Releases

Cox Capital Announces New Technology Solutions

Cox Capital Management (CCM) is pleased to introduce a suite of new technology solutions that will give clients easier account access through both desktop and mobile devices.

Akorn, Inc. (NASDAQ:AKRX) Investor Lawsuit Filed in Effort to Halt the Takeover by Fresenius Kabi

A lawsuit was filed for investors in shares of Akorn, Inc. (NASDAQ:AKRX) in connection with the proposed takeover and NASDAQ:AKRX stockholders should contact the Shareholders Foundation.

The Guidry Group Announces New Kidnap and Ransom Insurance Options

The Guidry Group, one of the world's leading security specialists, announced that the company is now able to offer clients a number of new kidnap and ransom insurance options. Building further on The Guidry Group's productive relationship with Lloyd's of London, the new insurance options are the most affordable and reliable for those looking to guard against the costs and uncertainty associated with kidnapping and ransom demands. For nearly thirty years, The Guidry Group has been one of the foremost names in personal and infrastructure security, and operates today in more than 125 countries, counting among the company's clients many of the world's top companies and wealthiest individuals. Publishes Information on Current Gold Prices

Gold, back in 2001, cost $271 per ounce. To purchase the same amount of gold today, a consumer must spend $1,190.06, according to Individuals looking to diversify their investment portfolio need to look at gold and silver IRA plans ( as a way to achieve this goal, as precious metals have a better long term track record than other investment options. Consumers need to take care, however, when choosing a gold IRA provider to ensure they get a company that best meets their needs. Many turn to ( for assistance in making this selection.

Catamount Funding, a Leading Accounts Receivable Factoring Company, Now Offers Unmatched Services

LogoCatamount Funding, a leading accounts receivable factoring company, now offers unmatched services. This U.S. factoring company helps increase a customer's working capital, further enabling them to grow their business. Their invoice factoring program has a mechanism within itself, providing an accounts receivable manager which is professionally built in. The company's staff monitors invoices every 30 days. Periodic calls and reminders via email are sent to accounts payable managers. If the customer of any client misses an invoice, it is immediately forwarded electronically. This helps the clients guarantee payment turn-around on their invoices without having to spend money on hiring an account manager.

Everyone Should Add Life Insurance to Their Wish-List: Superhero Insurance Inspires Australians with Dynamic Reasoning

As the year end approaches, before the final farewell, Superheroes around Australia will get busy with the festivities of the season and also prepare themselves for the coming super year with all its adventures and challenges. Superhero life insurance consultants suggest that the end of the year is one of the best times to think about life insurance comparisons, here are 5 reasons why:

Auto Insurance Online Italy Publishes New Editorial on Extreme Weather Insurance for Winter

Auto Insurance (assicurazione auto) is a legal requirement in Italy, but much more than that, it is the only way to keep a car fully protected when out on the road. Without insurance, any incident, even a minor prang, can rack up an impressive bill and leave people out of pocket. Finding the best insurance at the best rates is difficult however, with so many providers all looking to extract the most money from every customer. Auto Insurance Online Italy (assicurazione auto online) helps people get to grips with how to shop for policies and save money, and has published a new editorial on extreme weather insurance.

Trading Street Introduces New Online Investment Magazine

Finding useful, targeted investment information online can be a daunting task, and magazines or even newspapers are often dated by the time you get eyes on them. What if you could rely on one place to get timely investment information without having to weed through the fluff?

Compare the Box Reports on UK Sharp Increase in Smart Phone App Based Insurance Policies

In the 21st century, data is everything. Data is changing the way we analyze risk and reward, how we derive insights about our behaviours, and increasingly how we drive and subsequently insurance policy rates. Telematics, or 'black box' insurance collects data about the driver as they are driving so that individuals can receive a personalized insurance rate based on their own driver behaviour. Compare The Box enables people to compare providers of telematics insurance, and has recently published a new editorial about how the use of smart phone apps to collect driving data can help young and new drivers lower their premiums rapidly.

Charif Kazal in Sydney Now Reveals About Their Family Businesses

Charif Kazal in Sydney is a renowned business man, who has completed his education in Sydney. Charif Kazal studied the bachelor of Applied Science and Physics in the University of Technology. He has been keenly interested in his family business since his growing years and during his second year of study, Charif shunned his degree course so that he could get fully involved with his family business. His family business was rapidly expanding and towering towards success. By the end of 2006, Charif Kazal family had made a remarkable position in the hospitality industry in Sydney and achieved great financial success.

NJ Property Tax Appeal Simplifies Appeal Process for Homeowners

LogoAs New Jersey's economy and housing market struggled to recover from the recession in 2013, property owners filed a near-record of more than 100,000 tax appeals, winning an average reduction of $40,093 in assessed valuation and a proportionate tax cut.

TurboTax 2015 Last Year's Information Transfer to This Year

In a new article published by Traverse City Tax Preparation Examiner Frank Ellis, readers can learn how to transfer their information posted in last year's tax return, and use it in the current documentation to be sent to the IRS.

Forex Managed Account Creating High End Benefits for the Holder

A forex managed account is one unique innovation in which the forex experts and professionals turn as the managers and help their clients or the traders in the forex trading. This is made by these experts on the behalf of the customers they deal with.

All Penny News: BlueMetric Award Million Dollar Contract for Water Treatment Plant Media, Inc. ( announces its latest article titled "BlueMetric Award Million Dollar Contract for Water Treatment Plant."

Find Ideal Payday Loan Provider at Chancehub.Com

In today's struggling economy, more people than ever are working hard to meet day-to-day expenses and stay caught up with bills. Luckily, there are thousands of options when it comes to selecting payday loans, but with so many options, how do find a short-term loan that is best for?

McKesson Corporation (NYSE:MCK) Stockholder Investigation Concerning Potential Breaches of Fiduciary Duties

LogoAn investigation on behalf of current long-term investors in shares of McKesson Corporation (NYSE:MCK) shares was announced over potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain officers and directors at McKesson.

Heritage Financial Group Inc (NASDAQ:HBOS) Stockholder Notice: Buyout Faces Investigation

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors, who currently hold shares of Heritage Financial Group Inc (NASDAQ:HBOS), was announced concerning whether the takeover of Heritage Financial Group Inc by Renasant Corporation for a value of $27.00 per share is unfair to NASDAQ:HBOS stockholders.

Investor Alert: Takeover of PetSmart, Inc. (NASDAQ:PETM) Under Investigation

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors, who currently hold shares of PetSmart, Inc. (NASDAQ:PETM), was announced concerning whether the takeover of PetSmart, Inc. by BC Partners, Inc for $83.00 per share is unfair to NASDAQ:PETM stockholders.

Deadline Upcoming in $590.5 Million Settlement in the Bain Capital Partners LLC Private Equity Leveraged Buyout Lawsuit

LogoA deadline is coming up on December 29, 2014 in the settlement reached in the securities class action lawsuit filed on behalf of investors who purchased AMC Entertainment Inc (NYSE: AMC), SunGard Data Systems Inc (NYSE: SDS), Aramark Corporation (NYSE: ARMK), Kinder Morgan Inc (NYSE: KMI), HCA Inc (NYSE: HCA), Freescale Semiconductor Inc (NYSE: FSL), Harrah's Entertainment Inc (NYSE: HET), and/or TXU Corporation (NYSE: TXU).

GFI Group Inc. (NYSE:GFIG) Investor Alert: Lawsuit Alleges Securities Laws Violations

LogoAn investor, who sold shares of GFI Group Inc. (NYSE:GFIG) between July 30, 2014 and September 8, 2014, filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws by GFI Group Inc. (NYSE:GFIG) in connection with the proposed acquisition of GFI Group Inc.

Deadline Upcoming in $3.75 Million Settlement in the AMAG Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: AMAG) Investor Lawsuit

LogoA deadline is coming up on January 9, 2015 in the settlement reached in the securities class action lawsuit filed on behalf of investors who purchased shares of AMAG Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: AMAG) pursuant and/or traceable to the January 21, 2010 Offering.

Meritor Inc (NYSE:MTOR) Investor Alert: Investigation over Potential Wrongdoing

LogoAn investigation on behalf of current long-term investors in shares of Meritor Inc (NYSE:MTOR) shares was announced over potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain officers and directors at Meritor.

Riverbed Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:RVBD) Investor Alert: Investigation of Takeover

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors, who currently hold shares of Riverbed Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:RVBD), was announced concerning whether the takeover of Riverbed Technology, Inc. by Thoma Bravo, LLC and Teachers' Private Capital, the private investor department of Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan for $21 per share is unfair to NASDAQ:RVBD stockholders. Announces an Anticipated Increase in Mortgage Arrears

The Bank of England recently announced that approximately 500,000 families are facing mortgage arrears now that interest rates are rising from the .5 percent emergency level. Although the bank does state that home loan arrears shouldn't reach levels seen in the early 1990s, individuals worried about falling behind on their mortgage need to take action now. 1st UK Mortgages ( offers financial products designed for those with bad credit, those looking to buy to let, and individuals who are self employed and find it difficult to obtain a traditional mortgage loan.

Core Liquidity Markets Announces Release of Mobile Trading Application for Binary Options

LogoCore Liquidity Markets a financial services firm based in Melbourne, Australia announces the release of its mobile trading platform for binary options.

Excel Credit Enters Into Payday Loans with Consumers to Ease Personal Debt

The online business guide "" wholeheartedly recommends the use of payday loans to consumers in its feature article ""5 Advantages of Payday Loans Compared To Other Credit Types." Financial advisers at "" want their readers to understand that "this variety of loan is significantly easier to handle than many other lending devices currently on the finance market today."

Sterling Trustees Offers Overseas Solutions for Trusts This Coming Winter

Sterling Trustees, a Sioux Falls, SD -based trust administration company, provides trust management services throughout the United States. This winter, their nationwide trust administration company is offering overseas solutions to high net worth individuals and trustees facing legal and administrative challenges concerning global trusts especially as it relates to FATCA.