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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2013 -- Although modern technology continues to come up with a "new and better" version of the cell phone on an almost daily basis, it is very difficult to beat the simple functionality of the clamshell, or flip phone. Although at one time these two words were used to classify two different types of phones, they have come to refer to the same design, especially since the invention of the smartphone.

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The term "flip phone" usually referred to a phone which featured a thin piece of plastic, made into a flap which covered the phone’s keypad and/ or its display. Most of the phone was not concealed underneath this flap. The clamshell phone, however, was basically split in half, with hinges separating the two halves that flipped open when in use. In most cases, the display was on the top half of the clamshell, and the number/keypad was on the bottom half. These two halves would close together like a clam’s shell, giving the phone its name.

One of the best features of this style of phone was that the display was protected, making accidental pocket dialing almost impossible. For the intent and purpose of this guide, the term "flip phone" will be used to describe both styles of phone.

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