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Firm and Flatten Your Abs David Grisaffi eBook Review: Does It Work?

Firm And Flatten Your Abs Review: Free Download Pdf

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2012 -- The Firm and Flatten Your Abs ebook is an online program for people who wish to lose belly fat and flatten their stomach. It is a diet and fitness plan which was created by David Grisaffi, an expert in various fields which include physical training, nutrition, gait and posture analysis, functional fitness, and so on. David Grisaffi who specializes in exercise and strength coaching is the developer of this program. He is also a personal trainer who has worked with a wide variety of people from housewives to professional boxers. David Grisaffi is a Sports Conditioning Coach and holds multiple certifications including three from the prestigious C.H.E.K. Institute: Level II Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist, Golf Biomechanic, and Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach. The program is very effective and helps a great deal in burning the excess fat at a very fast pace.

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The program includes seven workout levels from beginner to expert and a very nice feature of the program is the fact that there are 44 exercises to choose from which means a person will never get bored with complacency. Here are some of the features of this ebook: Precision Muscle Testing & Evaluation, Safe and Personalized Exercise Programs, Targeted Exercises For Every Muscle In Your Core, 44 Exercises, With Hundreds of Possible Variations, 7 Levels of Workouts From Rank Beginner to Elite Athlete, Strengthen And Injury-Proof Your Lower Back, The Secret of Individualized Progression and scientific exercise sequencing, Nutrition Secrets For Maximum Fat Loss And a Slim Waistline. Not only talking about exercises, this e-book also puts stress to the diet and nutrition. As most fitness experts know, nutrition and diet plays a very important role in muscle building and fat burning. David Grisaffi shows you 15 nutritional secrets that will boost damaged metabolism to burn more fat in body 24 hours a day.'

Firm And Flatten Your Abs eBook does not require any ab rollers, infomercial abdominal machines, repetitions of floor crunches, starvation diets or fat burning pills. The techniques used are claimed to be proven and tested in sports training and the rehabilitation world for years. The program starts of with precision muscle testing and evaluation so it can be determined beforehand what the current state of a person’s abdominal strength is before moving on to specific targeted exercises. Overall, Firm And Flatten Your Abs is a very effective program that helps to get rid of the belly fat in a very effective way. It is especially good for people who have back problems and still want to flatten their stomach.

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The Firm and Flatten Your Abs Official Site

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