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Five Spirited Tips for Ghost Hunting in NYC!

Feel like doing some ghost hunting in NYC? Well, New York's Ghost Doctors have those hot paranormal tips you're looking for!

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2014 -- You could find just about anything in New York City. From Broadway shows to top restaurants to...Ghosts according to Pete and Stew Kandel (know as Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) aka New York's own Ghost Doctors paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides. And now these two intrepid ghost hunters are sharing some paranormal tips on how to uncover those ghostly spirits that call the Big Apple their home.

The Ghost Doctors lead groups of adventure seeking participants through some of the most iconic landmarks in the Big Apple in search of unusual paranormal goings-on. And after a crash course in the basics of ghost hunting including the use of a variety of high tech ghost hunting equipment -- their groups of newly trained brave ghost hunters are ready to accompany the Ghost Doctors on their paranormal quests.

But what about those weekend amateur ghost hunters who would like to find something strange going on in their neighborhood but don't feel like shelling out some big bucks on expensive ghost hunting equipment?

“Quite a few people ask us after we taken them ghost hunting are there any ghost hunting tools that we can use where we don't have to spend a bundle?” says Dr. Stew. “And they're surprised to learn that with just a little time and ingenuity anybody can turn some simple household items into some pretty cool ghost hunting tools.”

In fact the Ghost Doctors have created a list of some inexpensive ghost hunting techniques that even the Ghostbusters' Dr. Venkman would like to get his hands on:

1-A camping compass or any old compass you have lying around can act as a ghost hunter's EMF (electromagnetic field) meter to help pick up those electromagnetic fields associated with ghostly spirits. And best of all -- no batteries required.

2-Bring Spot along for the ghost hunt. Take the family dog along when you go ghost hunting. Dogs have very acute senses, especially their sense of hearing and smell which can be a big plus when sniffing out the paranormal.

3-Dig the old baking thermometer out of your kitchen draw. Ghostly spirits have been associated with changes in temperature, but make sure you bring it back before thanksgiving rolls around, you don't want to overcook the turkey.

4-Pull out your old hanging wind chimes you stashed in the closet. Hang them in those areas you suspect to have possible paranormal happenings. If they start chiming and there's no detectable draft or breeze -- check it out.

5-Always trust your gut! If you sense, feel, hear, smell or see something that's out of the ordinary check it out. Remember the nose knows!

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Ghost Doctors (, based in New York City, is the premier ghost hunting tour in NYC that actually allows participants to experience actual ghost hunts. Their ghosts hunts can be suited for both public, private and corporate events.