Food And Beverage Press Releases

Butterfield 8 NYC Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary This January

Butterfield 8 NYC, located at 5 East 38th Street in the Big Apple, is excited to announce that they recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary this January. On Friday, January 22, the restaurant marked the occasion by allowing their guests to take advantage of a complimentary open bar and hors d'oeuvres from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Everyone at Butterfield 8 NYC would like to thank all of those who have visited them over the years, as without them, they would not be where they are today.

Dickey's Barbecue Pit CEO Roland Dickey, Jr. Celebrates Record-Breaking Holiday Feast Sales

Dickey's Barbecue Pit CEO Roland Dickey, Jr. has cause to celebrate this holiday season. His chain of barbecue restaurants, one of the fastest growing in the country, has made the holidays easier for record numbers of people. They have exceeded last years' holiday feast sales by 25 percent, with forecasts suggesting they will sell more than 365,000 pounds of holiday turkey and ham by the end of the month.

Can and Bottle Koozies from Make Special Occasions Memorable

LogoKoozies are the ideal party favor for special occasions because they can be custom designed to match any theme or event. Event planning is an extensive process that can be time consuming, especially when also dealing with a busy lifestyle. However, personalized bottle and can koozies make convenient party favors for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, fundraisers and more since they can be simply ordered online, providing extra time needed for other important factors of the event. offers their products with free design services directly on their website, where they can be ordered quickly with an efficient turnaround time for delivery.

Why Not Wear Caffeine Every Day Instead of Drink It? Introducing Joule, a Line of Caffeinated Bracelets and Watches

LogoIt's no secret that people love coffee, energy drinks and other caffeinated beverages. It's also no secret that any boost in energy derived from that coffee or energy drink is almost impossible to maintain. Days are filled with energy peaks and valleys that disrupt productivity, cause jitters and create nasty mood swings.

Organic Brand uVernal Announces Incentives for Workers

Producing Matcha tea in the traditional way is a hard and arduous process that takes months to complete and requires many working hours. To make original Matcha production lucrative, brands like uVernal promote the purity and superior quality of their product.

Organic Brand uVernal Prepares Promotional Incentives for Customers

The organic products company, uVernal, has recently released its new product, Green Tea Matcha Powder. Matcha is a thin powder, which is made from ground green tea leafs. The powder delivers more nutrients than the average tea brew to the body, since the whole powder is ingested with the beverage or food it is contained in.

Companion West St. Louis Campus & Cafe Opens Today

Companion's long awaited relocation of its headquarters is officially open. After spending 23 years in South St. Louis, Companion moved into a 41,000 square foot building located at 2331 Schuetz Road in Maryland Heights. The facility sits on 4.5 acres dubbed as the "Companion Campus". Josh Allen, founder and owner said "we are super excited about this next chapter for Companion". "Our campus houses the bread baking operations, a state of the art baking school, private event space and our third cafe, which opens today!"

Pulled Pork Advertising Expected to Pull in Increasing TV Audiences in 2016

Reports reveal that pulled pork advertising is set to return to television screens in early 2016, according to the National Pig Association (NPA). This highlights the consumer popularity of the slowly-cooked succulent meat and also that pulled pork and its related products constitute a growing industry. It follows on from a successful 2015 campaign to advertise pulled pork products across the media, including recipes and seasonal suggestions. Now major food outlets including Burger King and Subway have offered pulled pork options, and there are a number of indicators in place which suggests that it is going to be one the most popular meats in 2016.

1925 Lounge Announces Holiday Giveaway Winners

Things may be getting colder outdoors, but they are heating up at one of the hottest venues in Philadelphia, the 1925 Lounge. This high-end cocktail lounge has quickly become a go-to place for the stylish party people in the city, and the lounge's extensive drinks menu together with their gourmet kitchen services that are available until 2AM ensure that no one leaves 1925 Lounge neither thirsty nor hungry. Known for its unique décor and exclusive atmosphere, the bar has been decorated in the style of the glamorous 1920's, providing people a way to go back in time to a place where everything was more fun and drinks flowed freely.

Virginia's Luxury Event Staffing and Production Company to Host 'The a Bridal Show'

LogoVirginia's premiere event staffing, planning, and production company, THE A, is hosting an intimate luxury bridal show February 20, 2016. Called "The A Bridal Show," the event will showcase the area's fine wedding pros, hand selected by THE A.

Food and Drink Magazine FOOD Et Al Discovers and Shares the Best Heart Shaped Chocolates for Valentine's Day

LogoThe dilemma of what to buy does not need to be difficult, especially when FOOD et al have done all the hard work, to find inspiring chocolate gifts that will be loved and quickly consumed!

Field House Now Taking Private Party Reservations for Super Bowl 50

LogoStill trying to find a sports bar in Philadelphia to watch Super Bowl 50? Well, look no further than Field House as this acclaimed bar and restaurant near the Philadelphia Convention Center is pleased to announce that they are now taking private party reservations for those interested in watching the game big there on Sunday, February 7.

Bristol Brewery Tours Is Launching a Microbrewery Experience Walking Tour

Spend a Saturday afternoon on one of our microbrewery tours as we introduce you to a number of Bristol microbreweries serving real ale and craft beer. You'll get an introduction to the brewing process along with a tour of the equipment followed by tastings of some wonderful Bristol craft beers in the taprooms on the way. There will also be an opportunity to speak to the brewers themselves to find out how and why they started brewing craft beer in Bristol.

New Predictions About Future Sales of uVernal Matcha Green Tea Powder

Now that uVernal's Matcha tea has been successfully released into the market, experts are making predictions about the future of the product. In general most predictions are favorable, expecting the brand and product to do very well. Optimistic predictions expect uVernal to take over a large part of the Matcha tea market in the western world.

Ontario Sports Nutritionist Releases Time-Saving Cookbook on Pressure Cooking

LogoOntario Sports Nutritionist, Vanessa Olsen, is helping householders spend less time in the kitchen with the launch of her new book, Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook: 100 Quick, Easy and Healthy Pressure Cooker Recipes for Electric Pressure Cookers.

The Rarity of Seasonal Matcha Makes It Popular Among Tea Connoisseurs

There are many varieties of Matcha that are only available during specific seasons. It is considered difficult to get one's hands on such a product in the west, unless it is ordered through the internet at a price that reflects the products quality and rarity.

Matcha Recipes Are Now Widely Popular on News Sites and Magazines

Matcha tea has been popular in eastern Asia for almost a millennium. It is only recently that the finely ground green tea powder made its appearance in western countries where surveys reveal that it has become a hit with tea connoisseurs and health conscious people alike.

Experts Advise Matcha Tea Consumption Can Significantly Improve Health

Experts often find that ancient remedies and natural medicines contain actual active ingredients that support the claims for health benefits. Matcha tea was said to have many medicinal qualities over the centuries. Among the top claims were that Matcha improves energy, focus, serenity and general health. It has also been said that drinking Matcha tea can preserve youth and improve skin quality.

Traditional Matcha Production Sets New Standard for Tea Industry

Matcha farmers in Japan have a hard time keeping up with the demands of the modern food industry. Producing Matcha the way it has been done for almost a thousand years in Japan is a difficult and labor-intensive process. Matcha was in the past a luxury product for the rich and the monks of the Buddhist monasteries. Today's demand for the product by far exceeds what the Japanese farmland can produce by using the original methods of Matcha farming.

Quick Healthy Cookbook Offers Comprehensive Range of Products

Quick Healthy Cookbook has not only offered users information but exciting products as well so that they can cook Healthy for themselves and their loved ones.

Experts Warn of the Dangers of Energy Drinks

The energy drink market has been booming in the last twelve years. Energy drinks surpass even soft drinks and coffee sales in some western countries and states. These drinks contain most times double the amount of caffeine found in a regular cup of black coffee. Caffeine acts as the main active ingredient when it comes to promised energy rush that consumers get when drinking these products.

Matcha Experts uVernal Plan Product Promotions Across Multiple Verticals

The organic products trading company, uVernal, has started a series of promotions for their new product, Matcha Green Tea powder. Matcha is a powder made from ground green tea leaves that were grown in shade. It is a famous Japanese product, used mainly in beverages, but also in cooking.

Abspiration Launches, Delivering Reliable, Helpful Paleo Diet Information

The founders of Abspiration announced that the brand-new health and fitness site has launched and is now available to visitors at With a special focus on the so-called "paleo" dietary movement, the site is already stocked with exclusive, useful articles and other content. Visitors to the new site will find plenty of interest, including reviews of popular cookbooks that aim at providing delicious, healthy recipes for those attracted to the paleo lifestyle.

New Market Research Report: Global Scotch Whiskey Market 2015-2019

LogoTechnavio's market research analyst predicts the global scotch whiskey market to witness a steady growth at a CAGR of around 5% during the forecast period. The rise in disposable income and the growing demand for premium whiskey has been fueling the growth of this market. Around 88% of consumers globally, consider whisky as an affordable luxury, which is driving manufacturers to launch more premium and super-premium offerings to meet the demand.

Public House NYC Announces Their 2016 Super Bowl Specials and More

LogoPublic House NYC, a famous NYC sports bar located at 140 East 41st Street in the Big Apple, is happy to announce their 2016 Super Bowl specials and more. Individuals who are interested in watching Super Bowl 50 at this acclaimed restaurant can take advantage of a $55 unlimited domestic beer and wings special, or a $65 unlimited premium package and wings. Reservations are encouraged to enjoy these specials that Sunday and those would like to make them can call 212-682-3710, or email

City Tap House Logan Square Now Booking Private Parties for March Madness

LogoCity Tap House Logan Square, an acclaimed gastropub located in Philadelphia, is now booking private parties for March Madness. Those who choose to book their party at City Tap House Logan Square will be able to view all of the games on their 15 ft. TV, enjoy some cold craft brews, and order some delicious food off of their menu. Their event planners urge interested parties to book as soon as possible as the restaurant can get very busy during March Madness. Those looking to book a party can email Janine at, or call 215-587-9040.

Pennsylvania 6 DC Now Open for Brunch Saturday and Sundays

LogoLooking for the best place to have brunch in DC? Well, look no further than Pennsylvania 6 DC as they are pleased to announce that they are now open for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Pennsylvania 6 DC is the U.S. capital's latest contemporary American restaurant. In fact, the restaurant recently had its grand opening this past November, and officially opened for lunch the second week of December.