Food And Beverage Press Releases

La Barbrecue, Micklethwait, Banger's & More to Compete in 365 Things Austin, Sausage Kings of Austin

Wednesday, January 27th the "Kings" of the Austin sausage scene will gather at North Austin's Austin Beerworks to put their specialty links to the test. Establishments from the trailer to the upscale will premier a selection of off-menu sausages in a friendly combination that will determine who has the best wiener in town.

Roland Dickey, Jr. Celebrates Newest Barbecue Franchise Location in Rockford

Roland Dickey, Jr. says that together with the fundamental menu of his successful Texas barbecue brand Dickey's Barbecue, two secrets have allowed him to build the brand from twenty to over 500 inside ten years: details, and people. The details that make his stores a success are shared with his franchisees. The franchisees are carefully selected for their personal attributes so they are not only successful but also add to the brand family at Dickey's. Roland Dickey, Jr. is currently celebrating the efforts of a new franchisee opening his first Dickey's in Rockford, Illinois.

Albert's Cafe Offering Discount for Parties in Their Private Banquet Rooms

LogoThere are many instances where groups of people get together for an event. Whether in celebration of a birthday, a fundraiser for a charity event, or a corporate event at the end of a quarter, those in charge of the gathering will want to provide a setting and atmosphere for everyone in attendance to enjoy. This February, Albert's Café is pleased to announce they are now offering discounted pricing models for gatherings in their private banquet rooms.

Mexico Trade Center Introduces Maya BBQ at Ambiente Fair

Mexico Trade Center introduces the new Maya Stone BBQ at the Ambiente fair on Feb 13-17 in Frankfurt, Germany. Ambiente is the biggest trade fair for consumer goods in the world. It boasts a wide range of dining, living, and giving consumer products. Many new products, ideas, and trends can be found in this trade fair.

How to Send Food to the Philippines for Valentine's Day

LogoFood has always played a vital role in Filipino culture. Not only are Filipinos fond of different types of food across different cultures, they make it a point that every event has some food in it. Maybe it has something to do with the country's focus on sharing. They make it a point to share their happiness with their family members and friends whenever something good happens to them.

Panini Catering of Memphis Continues to Delight Guests with 'Action Catering' and Holiday Meals

LogoThe Panini Catering of Memphis was voted to be the best holiday caterer recently for its sumptuous Holiday meal that will certainly have guest to come back for more. Their 'action catering' has proven that the catering Memphis can prepare fresh and delicious meals on site to further serve people quickly than expected. That makes them a favorite caterer for corporations, big and small private events.

Los Angeles Events Catering Service with Loteria Grill's Signature Mexican Cuisine

LogoLoteria Grill has been a well-known Los Angeles restaurant for traditional Mexican food lovers for a number of years. Loteria currently has a number of locations across the city including Farmers Market, Hollywood, Studio City, Santa Monica, Westlake Village and Downtown LA. In addition to the restaurants themselves, Loteria Grill offers professional catering services on a citywide basis for private parties and business events. With an extensive menu and unique regional Mexican specialties, Loteria Grill can provide the perfect catering solution for any occasion.

Snack Bars in Belgium - New Market Study Published

LogoMost products in snack bars have a problem: compared with countries such as the UK, snack bars are not popular in Belgium, apart from energy and nutrition bars. This lack of interest is believed to be due to the strong loyalty to biscuits and chocolate in Belgium. The category was again strongly affected by the disappointing performance of breakfast bars and the sudden acceleration of the disengagement of Mondelez International from granola/muesli bars in 2014.

Biscuits in Belgium - New Study Released

LogoBiscuits enjoyed a value recovery from 2012, thanks to the return to self-indulgence at the expense of austere health and wellness products. Sales of biscuits increased in 2014, which contrasted with the previously disappointing performances in the review period. Product innovations led the category to recover value growth.

Biscuits in Costa Rica - New Market Research Report

LogoThe key development trends in 2014 were concentrated in the improved performance of relatively lagged categories, such as wafers (plain biscuits) and savoury biscuits in response to the increasing demand for dynamism amongst certain biscuit consumers, due to the extended positioning of sandwich and chocolate coated biscuits over the review period. The ongoing globalisation process of opening markets has continued boosting higher levels of competition. This has also benefited the incursion of international products and the further consolidation of a low-price orientated category (such as private label), with an increasing base of manufacturers developing a differentiated category including gluten free, European delicacies, thins and organic. As such, social networking and marketing efforts have been the main drivers behind the bestsellers, such as the recently introduced franchise Mrs Fields and the popular Oreo brand.

"Ready Meals in Finland" Is Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoReady meals recorded 4% current value growth in 2014. Growing sales of convenient and timesaving meal solutions drove growth in the category. This growth can be considered healthy given the rather mature nature of ready meals in Finland. A growing number of consumers were paying special attention to ingredients used in ready meals and increasingly opting for healthier products, using natural ingredients, additive-free products and organic versions. These typically command slightly higher unit...

Market Report, "Drinking Milk Products in Brazil", Published

LogoDuring 2014, drinking milk products recorded current value growth of 10%, with sales reaching R$31.6 billion. This performance was mainly driven by the rise in the price of raw milk and the launch of new products focused on health and wellness that are positioned as premium products. Drinking milk products also continues to follow the same growth trend perceived in 2013, with the area posting double-digit growth.

Report Published: "Ready Meals in the Netherlands"

LogoAfter recording a marginal current value decline in 2013, ready meals returned to positive current value growth in 2014. Ready meals increased in current value and volume by 1% during 2014 as the category bounced back from the rather disappointing performance recorded during the previous year.

Recent Study: Pasta in Greece

LogoGreece continued to rank on top of most other Western European markets in terms of per capita consumption of pasta and in this context pasta remained resilient to the recession, in fact displaying positive volume growth. Being a value-for-money meal solution, pasta remained a favoured dish amongst most households in Greece.

Bread & Bread Products in UK (2014) - Market Sizes: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoBread & Bread products in UK by Mintel Market Sizes provides you with annual year-end market size data, most recently updated in 2014. This market covers packaged white and non-white bread, savoury specialty breads and savoury pastries & pies. Market size comprises sales through all retail channels including direct to consumer. Market size for Bread & Bread products in UK is given in GBP and tonne with a minimum of five years' historical data. Market Forecast is provided for five years. Included with this snapshot is socio-economic data for UK. Population, Consumer Price Index (CPI), Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Exchange Rates.

Frozen Processed Food in Nigeria - New Study Released

LogoDue to the difficulty ensuring refrigeration given the poor electricity supply in Nigeria, sales of frozen processed food are not traditionally strong in retail channels. It has also been traditionally more common for Nigerians to buy unbranded, unpackaged products, particularly frozen fish and frozen poultry. Consumers purchase such products since they can typically be stored for longer, even if the lack of constant refrigeration limits how long they can be stored for. Over 2009-2014, sales of...

Report Published: "Oils and Fats in Belgium"

Logo2014 was marked by a continued upsurge in sales of olive oil. After years of strong price erosion and a sluggish performance, there was a sudden change in olive oil. Unit prices declined so much during the review period that the difference in price between olive oil and sunflower oil became very small in 2012. Therefore, many usual consumers of sunflower oil suddenly switched to olive oil. In 2014 the unit price of olive oil took off due to this continued fad amongst consumers. Even so...

Just Published: "Sweet Bakery in Denmark (2014) - Market Sizes"

LogoSweet Bakery in Denmark by Mintel Market Sizes provides you with annual year-end market size data, most recently updated in 2014. This market covers wrapped ambient and chilled cakes, pies, tarts and other sweet bakery products. It excludes frozen products. Market size comprises sales through all retail channels including direct to consumer. Market size for Sweet Bakery in Denmark is given in DKK and tonne with a minimum of five years' historical data. Market Forecast is provided for five years. Included with this snapshot is socio-economic data for Denmark. Population, Consumer Price Index (CPI), Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Exchange Rates.

Market Report, "The Future of the Hot Drinks Market in India to 2018", Published

LogoThe Future of the Hot Drinks Market in India to 2018 is the result of Canadean's extensive market research. The report presents detailed analysis on the Hot Drinks consumption trends in India, historic and forecast Hot Drinks consumption volumes and values at market and category level, brand share and distribution channel data. This report brings together Canadean Intelligence's research, modeling and analysis expertise in order to develop uniquely detailed market data. This allows domestic and foreign companies to identify the market dynamics to account for Hot Drinks sales overall and to know which categories and segments are showing growth in the coming years.

Recent Study: Packaged Food in Belgium

LogoSales of packaged food in Belgium are set to post modest positive current value growth in 2014. The still too weak economy limits growth as sales in key categories such as yoghurt and sour milk products, breakfast cereals and snack bars slow. In addition, the lingering effect of 'horsegate' continues to undermine sales of meat-based ready meals. However, the positive effects of the good weather and the football world cup on sales of ice cream, sweet and savoury snacks, chilled-processed meat...

Loteria Grill Offers Classic Mexican Breakfast in Downtown Los Angeles

LogoLos Angeles is a city that knows how to do breakfast. As a world class 24/7 city, Breakfast in LA is an especially treasured tradition, where late nights mean that the first hearty meal of the day takes on special significance. Loteria Grill's downtown Los Angeles location serves breakfast all day, every day, drawing on its in-depth knowledge of regional Mexican specialties to create the perfect Mexican breakfast offering.

Paleo Diet S&G Energy Bars Come to Market in Two Flavors from SIGG Nutrition

SIGG Nutrition has launched their new line of Paleo Protein and Energy bars called S&G Energy & Paleo bars. The bars are available in two flavors, Coco Coconut and Cashew Cherry Paleo. The Coco Coconut is a delicious energy bar with lots of protein. The Cashew Cherry bar is the one compliant with the basic standards of what has become known as a Paleo Diet.

Market Report, "Frozen Processed Food in Costa Rica", Published

LogoOver 2013-2014 the availability of frozen processed food continued to increase due to the proliferation of supermarkets and convenience stores, through which consumers have access to a wide base of locally manufactured and imported products and solutions for different occasions. New product development has been focused on innovation with differentiation in terms of added value, health and wellness and convenience. This has enhanced the relevance of pack labelling, ingredients listing and...

Market Report, "Oils and Fats in Nigeria", Published

LogoThe dominant category within oils and fats in Nigeria, vegetable and seed oil, has traditionally been held back from good growth and performance by large importation of unregulated, unbranded and adulterated bulk oil. Consumers generally did not consider the health implications of using such oils, and branded oil struggled to perform given higher prices. While import restrictions on refined oil have helped local players make good gains, there is still plenty of illegal importation of...

"Tea and Infusions in Brazil (2014) - Market Sizes" Published

LogoTea and Infusions in Brazil by Mintel Market Sizes provides you with annual year-end market size data, most recently updated in 2014. This report covers packaged and unpackaged black, green, oolong, white and Pu'er teas, infusions and yerba mate. It excludes RTD liquid products. Market size is based on retail (off trade) and non-retail(on trade) sales. Market size for Tea and Infusions in Brazil is given in BRL and tonne with a minimum of five years' historical data. Market Forecast is provided for five years. Included with this snapshot is socio-economic data for Brazil. Population, Consumer Price Index (CPI), Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Exchange Rates.

Market Report, "Canned/Preserved Food in the Czech Republic", Published

LogoHealth concerns continued to encourage Czech consumers to trade up to higher quality canned/preserved food products in 2014. This trend was particularly visible in canned/preserved meat, where a series of quality checks conducted by the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority over 2012-2013 had revealed that packaging labels for some products gave misleading information about their meat content. The negative publicity arising from these findings encouraged companies to invest in...

Just Published: "Canned/Preserved Food in Greece"

LogoThe rationalisation of spending which was evident among the majority of households in Greece throughout the review period had a major influence on sales of canned/preserved during 2014, forcing volume sales down by 3% and current value sales down by 4%. The shift in consumption patterns away from stocking up on essential groceries has proved a costly one for canned/preserved food as demand among consumers seeking to stock up was previously one of the category strong advantages. At the same...