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Forex 100 Trades Robot Developed by Rita Lasker Made +1036 Pips Profit in 1 Month

Forex 100 Trades is infact a combination of 2 robots. One robot trades on H1 timeframe and the other robot trades on H4 timframe.

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Lahore, Pakistan -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2013 -- Forex 100 Trades is the latest forex robot launched by Rita Lasker. Rita Lasker claims that her Forex 100 Trades Robot made a profit of +1036 pips in 1 month and can easily double an account with 100 trades. Forex 100 Trades is in fact a combination of 2 robots. One robot trades on H1 timeframe and the other robot trades on H4 timframe. Both these robot can be enabled to trade together or independently. However making them trade together can be a more profitable option as H4 timeframe acts as a filter for smoothing the market impulses. This robot has been developed to trade EUR/USD pair only. It looks into all sorts of peculiarities involved in trading EUR/USD. It has also been programmed with a Profit Balance Trailing System. The trailing system used in this robot is robust and reliable unlike the trailing systems used in other robots. It has also got the Easy Hedging Control settings that can be used to hedge the position.

This is what Rita Lasker says: “We don’t hide the results. Please see and check:

EURUSD, H1: 30 trades with $5,091.20 (509 pips)
EURUSD, H4: 25 trades with $5,277.40 (527 pips)
Total: $10,368.60 in 55 trades (1036 pips)

It’s a monthly profit of Forex 100 Trades that is made in 100% AUTO mode without your attention or control. Season’s greetings! As we promised, a special gift for Christmas holiday is just launched – it’s our best and one of the TOP LEADING products of 2013: Our new HIT - Forex 100 Trades Robot is LIVE! It’s even better than a dream! We’ve made a unique Forex 100 Trades Robot that hit ALL our records:

- +$10,368 in 3 weeks in 100% AUTO mode
- 55 trades/ 47 wins. That’s 89% of accuracy

Bonuses? - YES!

- 50% OFF discount on Forex 100Trades Robot
- BONUS#1 - New Green Forex Moving Indicator
- BONUS#2 - 75% OFF coupon for 1-day-sale
- BONUS#3 - exclusive 2014 VIP - membership

If you missed Early Reservation, but are interested in getting Forex 100 Trades Robot WITH all 4 bonuses, LET US KNOW. We will keep the discount and gifts.”

About Rita Lasker
Rita Lasker is a professional forex trader. She founded the Green Forex Group. She claims that she tests her own robots and does not use any misleading marketing tricks. Her last forex product was the Forex Daily Scalper robot.

For more information about the Forex 100 Trades Robot, please visit the following website: