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Free Cart Packs in Green Smoke? E-Cig's End-of-Winter Sale

E-cigarette smokers who want to stock up on their favourite Green Smoke Long-Lasting cartridges can look forward to the company’s “End of Winter Cartridge Bash.” From Feb. 24-26 only, customers get 3 free packs for every 8 cartridge packs purchased online.

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Middlesex, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- Green Smoke has good news for e-cig smokers who want to stock up on cartridges. With its “End of Winter Cartridge Bash,” the leading brand of electronic cigarettes is footing part of the bill and helping customers literally get “more smoke for their money.” For three days only, they pay just £71.76 for 8 cartridge packs – and get 3 more packs free. To take advantage of these savings, they have to place their orders online at on Feb. 24-26 only. No coupon code is necessary.

Thanks to the company’s exclusive Long-Lasting cartridge technology, Green Smoke officials say, each cartridge provides a rich, full-bodied flavour and 25% more vapour than other leading brands – resulting in one of the highest smoke volumes in the industry. Smokers can pull up to 360 puffs from each cart – equivalent in smoke volume to up to 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes. With 5 cartridges in each cart pack, this “buy 8, get 3 free” deal actually gives customers up to 5,400 extra puffs free. Green Smoke® cartridges are available in 8 flavours and a complete range of nicotine strengths.

“Now, e-cig smokers can get the equivalent in smoke volume of some 80-plus packs of traditional cigarettes – for a little more than £70!” said Green Smoke Product Marketing Manager Alisa Bleier. “With our special end-of-winter cartridge giveaway, they can stock up on their favourite carts – and let us pay part of the bill. And all this while experiencing the rich, always-fresh flavour (each cart is triple-sealed to ensure freshness) and long-lasting enjoyment provided by our industry-leading cartridges!” Bleier continued.

E-cigarette smokers who want to stock up on cartridges – and buy 11 cart packs for the price of 8 – should go to on Feb. 24-26 only. No coupon code is necessary.

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Green Smoke Inc., based in Miami, Florida, makes the leading electronic cigarette brand, Green Smoke®. This exciting new alternative to traditional cigarettes uses an innovative and best-in-class cartridge technology to provide full-flavoured vapour and an unmatched smoking sensation. The company is proud to deliver not just best-value products, but a highly rated customer service experience as well. For more information, visit or call 0808–189–0414.