30 Day Credit Miracle

Free Credit Repair Help Now Available with the 30 Day Credit Miracle

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2013 -- The creators of the popular credit repair product, 30 Day Credit Miracle, are pleased to announce that the product is now 100% FREE. Consumers that are looking to fix damaged credit are now able to instantly download the do it yourself kit from the products website. “We felt that with 2014 right around the corner it was the perfect time to reveal this amazing news. The majority of US consumers that desire to improve their credit simply cannot afford to pay the several hundred and even several thousands of dollars that credit repair companies charge. Now, with the 30 Day Credit Miracle that same consumer can use the same methods that these companies use and do it from the comfort of their own home,” stated a representative of the website.

Along with the obvious money savings that consumers benefit from they also avoid any potential security issues. The website representative added, “There are a lot of bad companies out there that simply take the consumers money and don’t do any work. There isn’t anything that these companies can do that the consumer can’t do on their own. The 30 Day Credit Miracle shows them exactly what they need to do, while providing them with free credit repair. There are also several fake companies that pop up with the goal of stealing personal information. When consumers send in copies of their identification such as driver’s licenses and social security cards they are never sure as to who is receiving them and who has access to them. That is a major security concern that they avoid when doing the credit repair on their own.”

There is also the concern of whether or not credit card details are safe and secure with some companies. This concern is also avoided by using the 30 Day Credit Miracle since no payment is required. Consumers simply visit the website and download the product. “In addition to the actual 30 Day Credit Miracle program that shows how to fix your credit for free we also include two bonuses for every consumer. The first shows them how they can instantly obtain a credit card and the other shows them how to quickly give their credit score a major boost,” explained the website representative.

About The 30 Day Credit Miracle
The 30 Day Credit Miracle is a 100% free downloadable do it yourself credit repair program. It shows the steps needed to follow in order to clean up bad credit, resulting in improved credit scores. This free option allows consumers to avoid having to hire an expensive credit repair company and put personal and financial information at risk. Consumers that would like to improve their credit are encouraged to visit the website http://www.30daycreditmiracle.com and download the free credit repair kit. There is no cost to use the free do it yourself credit repair kit.