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Getec Industrial's Tips on Comparing Aluminum to Other Opposing Metals for Aluminum Extrusions

Getec Industrial shares tips on what to look for when comparing aluminum to other opposing metals for aluminum extrusions.

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Torrance, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2014 -- Over the past 10 years, many new products that are created using impure aluminum have become available in the marketplace. That is why Getec Industrials, an aluminum extrusion manufacturer, created a division entirely devoted to Aluminum Billet Casting. Using more efficient methods that allow us to make products that contain 80% raw ingot, made from 100% pure aluminum in the items we manufacture.

Some companies that create aluminum dies have created products that are less prone to disintegrating or becoming corroded. The issue is trying to decide whether plastic or die casting is the superior material. Getec shares tips on what to look for when comparing aluminum to other opposing materials.

1. Decide upon the strength needed. When it comes to durability, plastic is not as strong as die cast components. Die cast parts are always the best option whenever a situation calls for a part that is both thin and sturdy. As a turnkey heat sink manufacturer, we noticed that parts are also able to tolerate various temperatures, which is something plastic cannot do. This makes them best suited for high-temperature conditions, such as a thermal management solutions company.

A turnkey heatsinks and custom aluminum extrusion company typically uses metals that are non-ferrous, such as zinc, aluminum and magnesium. So the debate about rusting is irrelevant.

2. Know the environmental impact of the materials. Most people know that plastic is not good for the environment. It can take several hundred years for a piece of plastic to completely break down. On the other hand, die cast and standard aluminum extrusions are often created from recycled materials. This re-usability means that the same metal can be used time and time again.

3. Aluminum is a material that enables manufacturers to produce parts quickly and cheaply. This creates a steady supply of sturdy parts that are also inexpensive for consumers.

4. Another great benefit of aluminum castings is that it is very easy to create designs and custom formations with this material. This makes it easy for turnkey heat sink companies to make the perfect parts for their clients’ particular needs.

5. Aluminum castings possess all of the strength that steel does, but it is much more lightweight. It is also more aesthetically pleasing than many other metal alloys, even though it is cheaper. Because of this, customers are able to get a higher return on their investment while also enjoying a high-quality product.

6. The kind of aluminum that is used to create castings is very flexible and is not prone to corrosion. These traits make it possible for a standard aluminum extrusions company to make a wide variety of products out of this material.

Consumers and producers alike can enjoy the numerous benefits of aluminum castings. It is easy to see why the use of aluminum die casts has become so widespread over the years.

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