Gift Giving 2013 - Green - Affordable - Practical

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Culver City, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- Livingreen, southern California’s premier Eco-Friendly lifestyle retailer places emphasis on affordable and Eco-friendly gifts, with practicality and usefulness taking precedence over extravagance.

Livingreen offers several Eco-Friendly products that are practical, healthy, smart and innovative, at a reasonable price. Gift giving can still be fun and creative with many Eco-friendly and sustainable product selections. From luxurious liquid hand soaps, lotions and home cleaners, to chemical-free skin care, Livingreen offers products to create an overall healthier lifestyle.

Holiday time is the time to focus on health and wellness. 0-VOC paint is available in beautiful colors for small or large projects, and is always an appropriate choice for those who are chemically sensitive. AFM Safecoat and Ecos are two companies that offer several finishes and colors to help make spaces more beautiful and healthy.

“Bring-them-to-the-table” gifts are always appropriate. Every hostess appreciates festive décor, from an extra colorful bowl to place settings. Livingreen sells locally produced tableware for holiday dressing. Glass, table and serve ware is available from Livingreen in a variety of styles and colors.

Ellen Strickland, President and Owner states, “Livingreen’s holiday season is going to be filled with a cornucopia of Eco-friendly, smart, healthy, cleverly designed gifts and necessities. Livingreen is making a list and greening it twice to offer great gifts for the healthy and nice”.

Livingreen utilizes “Shades of Green” an exclusive vetting system in rating green home products to help customers make smarter and healthier product purchases.

For more information about the Livingreen website, visit or call (310) 838.8442 for more information.