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Global Dynamometer Product and Services Market

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Bengaluru, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2013 -- The global dynamometer product and services market is estimated to be around $780m in 2013 and is expected to reach $1.1bn by 2018.

The design and development of customized dynamometers is growing with its superset end user industries due to demand for better, clean and cheap power and transport facilities. The rigorous standards and competition in the end user industries to develop new and improved products at reduced costs has made dynamometers an inseparable part of their testing and research facilities. The after sales service particularly in automobile industry is on rise and needs dynamometers for enhancing the product output.

The wind turbine industry particularly in Asia Pacific region is rising at an annual growth rate of 6% that needs dynamometers for customized developments of wind turbines depending upon the geographic conditions to calculate power output.

The NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) analysis for cars and trucks is continuously improved upon due to strict regulations on noise and missions all over the world. Thus post NVH analysis employs dynamometers to validate the results.

The after sales service volumes in automobile and power sector is expected to increase from $7xx billion in 2012 to $xxx billion by 2017 employing dynamometers at every stage of service, repair and maintenance to regularly monitor the performance parameters.

Competitive Landscape
Being a testing device, dynamometers are constructed owing to the needs of end users based on the power, force and torque requirements. In the future, with the advent of electric vehicle technologies and products, innovation in dynamometers is surely guaranteed. Many small scale manufacturers without compromising on quality have confined the dynamometer market to their HQ regions only. As such there have been no global competitors in the dynamometer market. But regional players such as Horiba with Chrysler, BMW, GM and Mercedes as its customer base can prove to be a threat for electric vehicle testing providers. Kistler is slowly capturing the market for machining dynamometers.

The IndustryARC report on the Global Dynamometer Market identifies many such insights and M&A opportunities, besides providing a detailed analysis of the dynamometer testing services and equipment market.

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