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Newport Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2012 -- A Christian nonprofit charity offering child sponsorship is pleased to announce major updates to their website. that supports missionaries in Guinea Bissau and Niger Africa and Nepal and India Asia. 100% of all donations go directly to the mission as they are personally funded by their faithful founders. They are helping eradicate extreme poverty and disease that is killing 30,000 children per day in Africa alone, due to starvation, curable disease, government oppression, illiteracy, horrible cults, child abuse and lack of clean water.

The updates include a completely new layout that is much easier to read, child sponsorship software integrated on the website to fully automate the sponsorship process and updates on all their mission fields in Africa, India and Asia. Many videos have been added including two You Tube videos showing this incredible work they are doing in the areas their full time missionaries serve & James Miller, co-founder, president and volunteer, who founded and is donating 50% of his income to the mission states “the updates to our website are simply incredible. These videos show the fantastic progress we are making helping these precious forgotten children”. Pastor Wilson Westphal, lead Pastor for the mission comments “after returning from a two week mission trip to the remote island of Uno off the coast of Guinea Bissau, we had to take action. The conditions are unimaginable and much worse than you see on TV or on the internet. No food, no clean water, deadly diseases that could be treated for a few dollars. We need thousands of child sponsors as soon as possible so we can continue our missionary work which is making great strides and saving countless lives. Our missionaries are their only hope.

They offer individuals an opportunity to sponsor a child for just $1 a day. This provides the child and community with food, clean water, clothes, medicine, education and spiritual nurture teaching the children the love of Christ. The uniqueness of GMFC is they are in areas of Africa where there are no other relief organizations. Partnering with Christian missionaries GMFC is helping to eradicate extreme poverty and deadly diseases. An example is an island named UNO off the coast of Guinea Bissau where GMFC missionaries have been serving for the last 8 years. They have already built 6 schools, 6 churches and a small unsterilized medical room on the island of UNO alone.

Michelle Miller, James’ wife and co-founder states “child sponsorship is a very intimate and personal way to make a huge difference to eradicate extreme poverty and deadly diseases for less than $1 per day.” Being a child sponsor for other organizations the past 7 years has been one of the most rewarding and deeply spiritual experiences I have ever experienced and provides a spiritual bond between the sponsor and child which enables us to witness the good our donations are providing. The new online software we have implemented makes it incredibly easy for the donor to pick a child and progress to the payment page with a few clicks.”

Global Mission for Children is also fully committed to their missionaries that are helping the poor by bringing medicine, food, shelter, hope and spirituality for the first time in their lives while preaching the word of God to comfort their hearts while saving souls

Organizations like GMFC use the funds from individual sponsorship to help support an entire community with the goal of constructing new medical facilities, schools and churches. GMFC is not pursuing a temporary patch on poverty and disease but is building a community that will be self-sufficient forever. Global Mission for Children is personally funded by its faithful founders and 100% of all donations go directly to the mission fields. GMFC's “Deceleration of Faith”, “Mission Statement”, updates and the founders and missionaries BIO's are posted on their website so donors will be comfortable to participate

GMFC is a worldwide sponsorship organization that serves everyone and does not discriminate against any individual by reason of religion, age, disability, race, color, ethnicity, gender, national origin or socioeconomic status. There are other sponsorship opportunities available like the Clean Water Well Project, Electricity Partnerships, Teacher Sponsorships and Medical Sponsorships.

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Global Mission for Children
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