Goji Berry Advance the Best Weight Loss to Drop Pounds & Feel Healthier Now Offer Free Bottles on Selected Packages

Goji Advance weight loss formula is the latest weight loss supplement prepared from the Goji Berry.

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- Goji Advance weight loss formula is the latest breakthrough in the diet market that has captured high attention from media and high profile people within a short time period.

The product is quickly and increasingly becoming the choice of Hollywood stars to achieve their weight loss goals. The product helps drop extra pounds and improve overall health. Goji Advance now announces special deals and offers to its customers. Now customers can get one extra bottle without any cost on Select Packages.

Goji Advance Weight loss product is prepared from the Goji Berry that has been used as the Chinese medicine for several years. The Goji Berry is native to China and has been used as a remedy for several health issues related to liver, kidney, eyes, skin, insomnia, tuberculosis, diabetes and hypertension. Scientists have started working on this natural food to reveal its health beneficial abilities. In 2006, Time Magazine published an article about the Goji Berry and featured it as the super-food. Dr. Howard Murand featured this fruit as the most nutrient-dense food.

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The Goji Advance weight loss product’s formulation is based on Goji Berry that is commonly found in China. Scientific studies conducted on Goji Berry reveal its antioxidant properties that help improve the immune system, increase energy and help drop the extra pounds. This fruit has been used in Asia to address various health issues such as fever, high blood pressure, and eye problems but the weight loss properties of Goji Berry have made it popular all over the world.

Goji Berries have a high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) levels. A study conducted in1999, by the US department of Agriculture, stated that the foods with high ORAC levels can slow down the aging process. Another study, published in 2009, in Nutrition Research, states that the consumption of Goji Berry Juice provides the antioxidant abilities and prevents the oxidative cell damage.

Medical studies have found that Goji contains some special polysaccharides that strengthen the defense system and control the immune system. A clinical study published in 2001, illustrates that Goji berries, enriched with the polysaccharides can strengthen the immune system. On the basis of their research studies, The State Scientific Commission of China, in 1988, reported that the consumption of Goji Berries can increase the count of white blood cells.

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