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Google Shocks Webmasters by Updating Toolbar PageRank Before End of the Year

Last Google Toolbar PageRank update was rolled out on 6. December 2013

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Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- This update rolled out despite Matt Cutts announcing in October he would be surprised to see an update happen before 2014, because the toolbar export was ‘broken’. This update shocked webmasters because no one expected it, at least not in 2013.

As we may remember, the last Toolbar PageRank update was over 10 months ago on February 4th 2013. It was unusually for Google not to push out a PageRank update quarterly. Then Matt Cutts, Google's head of search spam, told everybody there won't be a PageRank update before 2014 - or at least he thought so.

Over the last years, support for PageRank has dropped. Google never offered a Google Toolbar for Google Chrome or any add-on to show PageRank values. Google already dropped the Google Toolbar for Firefox in June 2011. The Internet Explorer is the last browser to still have a PageRank display offered by Google, but the data that flows into that display hasn’t been updated for over six months.

The question was all the time is PageRank dead? So much for the myth that Google PageRank is dead, just recently it showed signs of life with the new PageRank update. How does PageRank affect my site? What the latest Google PR update means is what you should give more focus on. The latest update can have some implications to your online marketing activities or your money site. That is why it is still important to give this due attention to.

Webmasters believed that higher PR means higher traffic. This can be true, but it doesn’t necessarily follow. In fact, there are many websites and blogs with low Google PR that are getting more traffic than blogs or websites with high Google PageRank. In many search result pages you can see that some blogs with low or even no Google PageRank data at all getting higher ranking positions in the SERPS, while those with higher PR are ranked lower. So in essence, PageRank is neither equated to traffic nor search engine optimization.

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