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Governor Brown Pardons Man for 1968 Marijuana Offense

On Christmas Eve, California Governor Brown granted 127 pardons, including pardoning a 66-year-old man who sold a small amount of marijuana to an undercover policeman forty-five years ago. At the time, the man was just 20 years old.


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2013 -- In 1968, Robert Akers was 20 years old, and living away from home for the very first time. His roommate occasionally sold marijuana from their apartment. One evening, while his roommate was gone, an undercover policeman came to the apartment and asked to buy some marijuana. Mr. Akers took the man’s money and gave him an envelope that his roommate had left. Mr. Akers was arrested, and convicted of selling marijuana. His only crime, ever.

On December 24, 2013, California Governor Jerry Brown granted Mr. Akers petition for a pardon, restoring all the rights that Mr. Akers lost some 45 years ago as a result of the felony conviction.

“Mr. Akers deserved this pardon and I’m glad that Governor Brown agreed,” said Richard Glen Boire, the attorney who prepared Mr. Akers application for a pardon. According to Attorney Boire, the pardon process can frequently take years, but in Mr. Akers case it took just nine months from the date Boire filed the application. “Compared to the previous Governor [Schwarzenegger],” said Boire, “Governor Brown has really taken the pardon process seriously and thoughtfully.”

Noting that former Governor Schwarzenegger granted only 16 pardons during his entire eight years in office, Boire added, “this is the best time in decades to get a fair hearing on a pardon application.”

Mr. Akers, who is approaching his 70s, now lives in South Dakota with his wife of over 30 years.

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