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Invasion of the Vegetarian Tomatoes in NYC's Grand Central Terminal

Where do they come from? Do they mean us harm? Are they here to stay? Proceed in a peaceful manner to NYC's Grand Central Terminal...Best Food Tours NYC's Vegetarian Food Tour is on the job and they're picking this problem right off the vine!

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- When it comes to New York vs. the tomatoes only one food tour in NYC has the tools, the talent and the vegetarian know-how to unravel the mysteries behind this red ripened...thing and get to the hard facts. And leading the quest for answers through New York's Grand Central Terminal is Best Food Tours NYC's own Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew -- licensed NYC tour guides aka the Comical Nutritional Aficionados whose mission is to supply their groups of vegetarian truth seekers the answers they need and desire.

“We get all sorts of people joining us on our vegetarian food tour through Grand Central Terminal...from seasoned vegetarians with years of experience to people just looking for answers...wanting to find out what vegetarian food is all about,” says Dr. Stew. “In fact when people learn that some of their favorite foods not only have a whole slew of nutritional benefits but an equally fascinating history it just makes them taste that much better.

In fact the very nature of some of our most favorite foods has been mired in controversy for years. For example the versatile tomato -- one of Americas most favorites foods -- is an enigma for most people. Is it a vegetable or is it a fruit? Well according to Best Food Tours NYC this question was settled back in 1889 when the United States Supreme Court decided from that day forward that the humble tomato will be called a vegetable forever settling that eternal question.

Furthermore aided with some pretty high tech audio visual technology Best Food Tours NYC delves into some of the mysteries behind a wide variety of vegetarian foods including of course the tomato. From the tomato's humble origins that dates back thousands of years to its outstanding nutritional benefits -- this vegetarian tour takes its participants on a Odyssey not only of sight and sound but of...mind (sort of like the Twilight Zone but only tastier) next stop – Grand Central Terminal.

So whether you say tomato or tomahto it makes no difference, just join up with Dr.Pete and Dr. Stew of Best Food Tours NYC on a tasteful trek through the spectacular concourses, halls and passageways of NYC's Grand Central -- it will be one tasty adventure!

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