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Grassroots Effort Focusing on Fostering Positivity in Kids Takes South Florida by Storm

Created by a Lake Worth Resident, the Positive Words Movement Strives to Change Lives through School Programs and an Interactive Website Which Uses Fun Games and Videos, Using Comedy and Pop Culture To Change Lives.

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Lake Worth, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2013 -- The founder of a new grassroots organization intended to inspire and educate youth and change lives by instilling positive thinking and positive language announced a bold new plan for his group for the next year.

Ike Thaler, founder of the Positive Words Movement, decided to take action after witnessing the effects of negative language and behaviors among kids. He believes that by transforming language, we can instill positivity in the younger generation, and that they will carry it forward until eventually society is transformed from its current negative state.

Thaler held his first in-school discussion on December 6, 2013 at a private charter school in Palm Beach County, including the screening of a Harry Potter parody and a Raps4U kid’s hip hop video. The goal was to educate kids about the power of words they hear (from family, friends, culture), help them be aware of the words they say, and teach them to turn negative words into positive ones. Thaler also urged the students to become  ‘positive words soldiers’ on a mission to educate others around them about the importance of positive words and thinking. To help with that effort, Thaler gave each participant three awareness bracelets as part of a “viral” campaign. One is to keep as a reminder to stay positive and spread the word to 10 other kids. Two are to give away to other kids to give them the positive words message and the mission to talk about it with 10 more kids.

This was the first of many such presentations planned as the Positive Words Movement spreads statewide, nationwide, and eventually, internationally. In time, Thaler hopes to make positivity a central part of the school curriculum and after-school programs.

“The curriculum will teach, encourage and reward kids to be positive while encouraging them to be themselves,” explains Thaler. “The program is designed to give them the skills to maintain a positive outlook by being aware of language that is being used. My goal is to create a fun, interactive, and intrinsic curriculum that makes learning about positivity enjoyable and effective while providing measurable results that improve academic performance, conduct and self esteem.”

As an integral companion of the school programs, Thaler will take the Positive Words Movement online through interactive games similar to those already popular with students learning math, science, and other subjects. There will also be hundreds of fun videos with lesson plans, music, science experiments, and more – all centered around the theme of positivity. Many of the videos will be submitted by students as part of online contests. The goal is to make the program interactive and keep kids engaged so they learn positivity – and have fun too. Examples of the videos can be found here: http://www.positivewordsmovement.org/videos/ 

Thaler is seeking to partner with organizations, individuals, sponsors and volunteers who are interested in helping this program grow and develop. Thaler is also working on creating alliances with established organizations with similar goals, such as the Police Athletic League, to ensure that the message is effectively reaching the audience. Those wishing to support the effort financially or intellectually can donate to the cause.

“I have spoken to thousands about this movement and everyone has been positive. This is something that as a culture we need to work together to ensure that it succeeds,” say Thaler. “I will not rest until we get bipartisan support in 2014 with the help of celebrities like Oprah, Tim Tebow, and Lebron James and by testifying in front of Congress about it. Our words create worlds and we need to make sure that we make them beautiful worlds. I challenge everyone reading this to make a difference!”

For more information on the Positive Words Movement and to volunteer, visit: http://www.positivewordsmovement.org.

About the Positive Words Movement
The Positive Words Movement was developed by Ike Thaler in response to the bombardment of children and young people these days with negativity and the promotion of conflict and violence. This organization is dedicated to teaching youth about the impact and importance of positive thinking and action. The Movement will spread its message through school programs and an interactive website, starting in Florida, with plans to go nationwide and then worldwide.

For more information on the Positive Words Movement,please visit: www.positivewordsmovement.org.

Contact: Ike Thaler, info@positivewordsmovement.org  - 561-856-5713

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