Pure Perfect Green Coffee Extract Was Top Selling Weight Loss Supplement in September 2012

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New Brunswick, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2012 -- The premium pure green coffee extract supplement Perfect Green Coffee was the top-selling supplement on in September 2012. Perfect Green Coffee is a premium green coffee supplement, which contains a lab verified chlorogenic acid level of at least 50%. Many of the competing top selling green coffee products have only 42% and 45%, and sometimes much less. It is the chlorogenic acid in raw, or green, coffee beans that is believed to be responsible for the significant weight loss success achieved in recent research studies.

In a recent research study, green coffee bean extract was examined for its potential for weight loss. The study showed that subjects receiving varying doses of the raw coffee bean extract containing chlorogenic acid lost a dramatic amount of weight with no reported adverse side effects whatsoever. According to the doctor who headed the study, Dr. Joe Vinson, the lack of negative side effects from green coffee was in contrast to the side effects found in some prescription weight loss drugs, some of which were serious. Vinson says a larger green coffee study is being planned.

At the present time raw coffee bean extract weight loss supplements are the hottest selling weight loss nutritional supplements in the United States, and sales are growing throughout the world. Other popular natural weight loss supplements include raspberry ketone supplements and African mango supplements, but raw coffee bean extracts have achieved significantly more momentum over the last few months.

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