Green Coffee Bean Max: The Pure Natural Green Coffee Bean Extracts Supplement

Green Coffee Bean Max Reviews: the natural product has clinically proven highly effective yet the completely safe for weight loss and lots of other health benefits. The product contains a high amount of chlorogenic acid that boosts the metabolic process, promotes the faster fat burn and also nourishes the overall health

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- The Green Coffee Bean Extract has clinically proven one of the finest source, that lets the obese people to regain their slim physique and reshape their body. The product has gained the significant popularity in the international weight loss market for its highly effective yet the completely safe weight loss formula. Health professionals have touted the product as the “Miracle fat burner” since it has shown the best results in clinical trials. The product is available for the purchase at the official website.

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The ongoing research on weight loss abilities of natural herbs have recently revealed that the unroasted coffee beans contain 100% of their nutrients and mineral that can be highly helpful in the weight loss. A recently published study illustrate that a great deal of coffee to increase caffeine intake can help greatly to lose weight.

Scientists have found that Green Coffee Bean Extract, prepared from unroasted coffee beans, contain a phytochemical ingredient called chlorogenic acid, which can perform a variety of health beneficial functions along with the weight loss. To further investigate about the health benefits and weight loss abilities of GCB extracts, experts took it to the laboratories for clinical trials. A 22 week study was conducted to examine the effectiveness of Green Coffee Bean Extract and its impact on weight loss and body mass. There were 16 overweight adults who took part in the study. The test subjects received a 1050 mg, high-dose coffee extract, a low 700 mg dose or placebo in separate 6 week treatment periods.

After the completion of study, experts performed the analysis of results of clinical study. It was observed that without the change in diet, all subjects lost significant weight, experienced a decrease in BMI and their body fat also decreased significantly with the use of Green Coffee Bean Extract.

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