Green Coffee Bean Max with 800 Mg of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract and 50% Chlorogenic Acid Has Clinically Proven Miracle Fat Burner

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/30/2013 -- Green Coffee Bean Max is the natural weight loss product that contains natural ingredients such as 800 mg of pure Green coffee Extracts and 50% of natural antioxidant chlorogenic acid. Recent research has revealed the weight loss abilities of GCB max. Scientists found that chlorogenic acid performs a variety of health beneficial functions.

After hitting the local market with a bang, the GCB max is now recognized as the best weight loss product in the international market. The product is consumed globally for its several health benefits. Since the product has shown the best clinical results and the experts have revealed its various health benefits and weight loss abilities, it is touted as the “Miracle Fat Burner” by the health professionals, and has become the hugely popular product in the weight loss market.

The research for finding different health beneficial natural ingredients is ongoing. These days, people are mostly in search of something that can help them greatly to lose weight effectively, in a safe manner, without any negative side effects.

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Studies have been conducted on various herbs and it is found that the weight loss results lie in something that has been regularly used by the people all over the world. Coffee is the popular beverage that is consumed all over the world for its several benefits such as providing energy and eliminating sleepy feeling during the work.

Research revealed that coffee is usually prepared from the roasted coffee beans and they lose about 90% of their minerals and nutrients in roasting process. At the unroasted form, coffee beans contain a high amount of chlorogenic acid which can be highly beneficial for health and has great weight loss abilities.

Green Coffee Bean Max contains the unroasted coffee beans with 800 mg of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract and 50% of chlorogenic acid. The product has gone through various clinical trials and it is found highly effective yet the completely safe for the weight loss. It speeds up the metabolic process, suppresses appetite and also performs the detoxification of the body. No harmful substances are added into it therefore health experts have approved it as 100% safe for use.

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