Quantity Discount Pricing Sale Announced on Perfect Green Coffee Pure Extract

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New Brunswick, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/06/2012 -- has announced quantity discount sale pricing on the popular green coffee supplement Perfect Green Coffee pure extract. The quantity discount pricing offers a discount of 25% when buying three bottles, 30% when buying 6 bottles, and 35% off when buying 12 bottles or more. Pure green coffee supplements are currently the hottest trend in natural weight loss aids.

Potential green coffee extract health benefits discussions have revolved around weight loss research studies and experiments but there are other interesting aspects to consider. The doctor who conducted the weight loss research in early 2012 which has been referenced frequently in the news and on TV shows, Dr. Joe Vinson, has indicated that he believes that weight loss success of green coffee extract is likely due to the antioxidant chlorogenic acid in raw green coffee beans and its effect on blood sugar in humans. It is believed that the chlorogenic acid may have the effect of lowered blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels are thought to be a factor in weight gain, among other related problems.

The marketplace for natural weight loss supplements is always thriving, but this particular niche market has more momentum than most. Back in 2008, acai berry supplements were all the rage for weight loss, but the problem was that acai berries were never intended to be sold for weight loss since there was never any research indicating that any testing was ever even done on acai for weight loss. However, a group of unscrupulous marketers hyped it for weight loss, anyway. That said, acai berry remains an extremely nutritional fruit loaded with antioxidants and remains extremely popular for its potential nutritional benefits. But in sharp contrast to acai, green coffee beans containing chlorogenic acid have been studied for weight loss, and the results, so far, have been impressive.

Perfect Green Coffee is 100% pure and contains absolutely no other ingredients. There is no filler used in the supplements and no other ingredients at all. Many competing products are labeled as pure, but when inspecting the labels of many of them, they contain other ingredients and, therefore, are not pure. Consumers are advised to always read the ingredients labels of supplements before purchasing to insure they are getting a pure product. If a product is pure, it should be easy to determine by looking at the ingredients label on the website promoting the product. If there is no ingredients label displayed, that may be considered a red flag. Another red flag when buying supplements is the term ‚Äúproprietary ingredients‚ÄĚ which is another way of saying the company does not want to disclose what is actually contained in the product. The ingredients label for Perfect Green Coffee is proudly displayed on the website.

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