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New Brunswick, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2012 -- The green coffee extract product 'Perfect Green Coffee' has been chosen by as the ‘best value’ 100% pure green coffee bean extract supplement and is now their featured green coffee supplement. Perfect Green Coffee is a 100% pure green coffee extract product containing 50% chlorogenic acid and is lab-verified by a certified testing lab. The supplement does not contain any fillers or other unnecessary ingredients. The only ingredient contained in the product is the pure extract from raw coffee beans. Click here for more information

Perfect Green Coffee is manufactured in the USA by Perfect Supplements and is a fair traded product. Coffee was the commodity that started the 'fair-trade' movement.

Pure green coffee extract supplements have become the top selling nutritional supplement for weight loss after a pilot research study demonstrated successful weight loss. The study was notable for the lack of any negative side effects by any of the study participants. Study researchers believe the weight loss effect may be attributable to a substance contained in raw green coffee beans called chlorogenic acid. A video discussing this can be viewed here or on

The chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract was shown to be successful in a small pilot weight loss study in which participants lost an average of over 17 pounds in 22 weeks and 16% in body fat. According to Dr. Joe Vinson of the University of Scranton in Scranton, PA who headed the study, a larger study is being planned. Vinson also stated that in this study, there were no adverse side effects from green coffee bean extract reported. Vinson said that prescription pharmaceutical drugs that have been marketed in the past for weight loss have produced negative side effects, some serious, but the green coffee extract did not in the study headed by Vinson.

Dr. Vinson indicated in his press conference announcing the study results, that the likely reason for the positive weight loss results is due to the chlorogenic acid present in green coffee extract which is hypothesized to have a positive effect on blood sugar. Green coffee beans are also said to have a very high level of other antioxidants, in addition to chlorogenic acid.

In response to questions some customers have asked about the caffeine content in green coffee supplements, company spokesperson Charles Furmley says "For people concerned about caffeine in Perfect Green Coffee, the supplement contains only very small amounts. Two capsules of this product contain approximately 16mg of caffeine compared with a cup of coffee, which contains about 150mg caffeine."

Perfect Green Coffee is a 100% pure supplement with no additives or additional ingredients. The ingredients label for this product is displayed on the, as are ingredients labels for all products offered. Each capsule of Perfect Green Coffee contains 400mg of green coffee bean extract, and each bottle contains 90 capsules. The recommended dosage is 1 to 2 capsules taken twice daily, so each bottle, on average, represents an approximate 1-month supply.

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