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Green DIY Energy Reviews: DIY Solar Power Generator System

Solar Power Generator: Does The Green DIY Energy System Work Or Scam?

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2012 -- Green DIY Energy is increasing in popularity among consumers. Green energy is considered to be natural, renewable and non-polluting. The main types of green energy are solar and wind-powered. These power sources save money and help to fight global warming by reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Green energy saves homeowners a lot of money by reducing monthly energy bills. State and federal government also provide rebates and tax incentives for using these types of power. DIY kits for solar panel or wind turbine installation can save the homeowner even more money by not having to pay for professional installation.

The Green DIY Energy program is a step by step guide that shows anyone how they can make and install their own solar power electricity system at a fraction of the traditional costs.

The GreenDIYEnergy DIY Solar Power Generator System Official Site

The entire Green DIY Energy Guide comes as three separate but fully integrated modules.

1. Solar Panel Systems

This first module covers some basic solar energy facts and solar energy information on how solar power electricity is produced and how people can create their own solar panel system.

It is broken down further into an exact step by step process anyone can follow to easily to create their own solar energy.

There is additional information on how to find free solar panels and all people need to know about maintaining the solar energy system they have created.

2. DIY Solar Panels Guide

In this module members will find the exact step by step sequence they can follow to build a solar panel from scratch even if they have never done anything like this before.

The GreenDIYEnergy DIY Solar Power Generator System Official Site

It covers everything from building the solar panel itself to connecting the individual solar cells and wiring the whole thing together. All steps are backed up with very detailed and very easy to understand instructions, plans, diagrams and full color photos.

In the example they use for demonstration purposes they managed to build a full solar panel for just under $100.00!

3. Installing and Mounting Solar Panels Guide

Of course once people have made they first solar panel (or array of panels) it’s not much use to they until they install it and connect it!

In the third module of the green diy energy guide members will learn the basics of solar panel installation from the type of local government requirements they may need to be aware of to the actual installation of the panels on their home and finally connecting the whole thing up to their home electrical panel.

Full instructions and detailed plans are provided for all the electrical wiring needed and how to do it including how to integrate multiple solar panels together.

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The GreenDIYEnergy DIY Solar Power Generator System Official Site

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