Green Smoke Cartomizer Blowout Sale 2014 Begins, Informs GreenSmokeReview.Net has discussed the Green Smoke Cartomizer Blowout Sale for the year 2014.

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2014 -- The Green Smoke Cartomizer Blowout Sale 2014 has finally begun, which in turn has also permitted smoking enthusiasts from all across the globe to relish the high powered cartomizers that release incredibly thick vapor volume at a substantially lower price range. This sale has been initiated on the occasion of New Year celebrations, which is why, it is being recognized the world over as a treat for serious smokers, globally.

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As per review spokesperson, “You have the option of choosing from a single pack for $14.99, a pack of 5 wherein you get 1 pack completely free, a pack of 8 and you get 2 packs free, a pack of 10 wherein you get 3 free and finally, a pack of 14 wherein you get 4 packs completely free. You can also choose from nine delicious Green Smoke Flavors and opt for either zero, ultra light, light, full or strong nicotine strength cartridges. Hence, the savings are in tune of $60.00, if you opt for the 14 pack cartomizer special. This sale is only applicable for two more days.”

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