Green Smoke E Cigarette Strong E Liquid Flavor Range with Award Winning Flavors Impresses Vapers

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- Green smoke e cigarette other than its exceptional quality and great vapor cigarette product line is known for its range of award winning E Liquid/E Juice flavors. Green smoke electronic cigarette doesn’t have a very vast range when it comes to e liquid but it still has a good number of options available but what puts this electronic cigarette brand in the front row is that green smoke e cigarette has 8 award winning e liquid flavors. The flavored e liquid of green smoke gives a flavorful vaping experience to customers.

E Cigarette Liquid/ E Liquid is the main fuel to an e cigarette and expert say that using the best e liquid ensures that the thickness and flavor of the vapor will remain till the last puff. Green smoke electronic cigarette has the FlavorMax cartomizer which are known to maximize the flavor in every puff. Green smoke is already considered one of the best e cigarette brands and with its consistency in quality, performance, this e cigarette brand impresses many new users.

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The E Cig Liquid from green smoke is also manufactured in a way to give high smoke volume i.e. thick and rich vapor which doesn't start evading as the e liquid is about to end but the volume remains constant. Green smoke has different types of flavors, the tobacco mimicking flavors like absolute tobacco; red label tobacco and tobacco gold are hit with many e cig users. Other than the tobacco mimicking flavors, there are other e liquid flavors too like the refreshing menthol ice and mountain clove and there are also creamy flavors like mocha mist, vanilla dreams and smooth chocolate.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette also came out with the variety pack a few weeks back and the variety pack has a lot of takers since it gives the liberty to the customer to try all the great e liquid flavors of green smoke at once at a low price instead of having to buy different cartridges for each flavor.

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