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Green Smoke E-Cigarettes Keeps Love in the Air

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes’ rich flavor and smoke-less, odor-less qualities keep the mood going!

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Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2013 -- Untold numbers of Green Smoke® electronic cigarette fans are spending Valentine’s Day with their loved ones and, of course, their favorite e-cig. They’re not just taking advantage of the Green Smoke® 15% OFF site-wide Valentine’s Day Sale to stock up on e-cigarette items (offer ends today).

But they’re also proving that being able to smoke e-cigarettes almost anywhere enhances not just their social and work lives, but their love lives as well! Here’s just a snapshot of Facebook posts from the days leading up to Valentine’s Day:

“More kisses, less time spent outside the house = more time spent together. … it's great to enjoy the e-cigarette by the fireside with a cup of coffee instead of my teeth chattering …outside.”

“It's been over a year since my husband and I have smoked analog cigarettes...we have greatly enhanced our love life!”

“It made me feel much sexier. My husband never smoked and I was always worried about the smell of smoke on me. Now I don’t worry at all.”

“I get to smoke in bed!!!!!”

“No more smoke-smelling breath!”

Savor the flavors, savor the moment

Whether you’re on a first date – or on a long-term relationship – every moment counts. And Green Smoke® electronic cigarette’s sensational flavors and exceptionally high smoke volume simply add to the pleasure of a Valentine’s date, a simple dinner at home, a night at the bistro, bar, or movies. That’s because every Green Smoke® flavor is rich in character and taste – whether bold and robust (Absolute Tobacco, Tobacco Gold, Red Label Tobacco), cool and refreshing (Menthol Ice, Mocha Mist), or pleasantly sweet (Vanilla Dreams, Smooth Chocolate).

Keep the mood going

There’s no bigger mood-killer than foul cigarette odor – on your breath, on your hair, on your clothes. And who can stand a smelly, smoke-filled car? Fortunately, Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes – a safe, convenient, and economical alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes – are battery-powered and produce a smooth, full-flavored vapor, NOT smoke. So no ash, butts, foul cigarette odor or smokers’ breath can come between you and your loved one. More importantly, because you can enjoy Green Smoke® e-cigarettes virtually anywhere, smoking no longer has to interfere with your life. You can continue to “vape away” without interrupting a hot date or other precious moments with your partner.

Forget your worries

Dirty ashtrays. Ash on the carpet. Cigarette butts messing up your car. Who needs ‘em? Green Smoke® e-cigarettes gets rid of all that. Makes a great first impression if you’re on a first date. And certainly helps you spend more time on your relationship and your moments together…than on trivial worries.

So. Lovers of all ages: Flowers are fine. Chocolates are great. But when it comes to getting cozy and a little closer on Valentine’s Day (or any day), nothing beats Green Smoke® e-cigarettes!

Note: Testimonials have been edited slightly for editorial purposes.

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Green Smoke Inc., based in Miami, Florida, makes the leading electronic cigarette brand, Green Smoke®. This exciting new alternative to traditional cigarettes uses the innovative and best-in-class FlavorMax™ cartomizers to provide full-flavored vapor and an unmatched smoking sensation. The company is proud to deliver not just best-value products, but a highly rated customer service experience as well. For more information, visit or call 888-224-1345.