Green Smoke E Liquid Pack a Favorite with Vapers

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- Green Smoke E Cig is a premium product and the brand is known for bringing in novel products for consumers frequently. The e liquid variety pack which offers five of the best e liquid flavors of green smoke to allow new customers to make the correct selection amongst available flavors is one of the most popular e liquid packs.

Experts at say,” Vapor cigarette users are smart enough to know why to pick green smoke but something that confuses smokeless cigarettes user is which flavor to buy. “There is a wise variety of flavored e cig liquid available with green smoke and with other high rated e cigarette brands but it is still not an easy choice to choose which flavor to try.

Green smoke offers as many as 360 puffs with every FlavorMax cartomizers you buy and there are seven tempting flavors to choose from. Each e cigarette liquid flavor is available in nicotine strength varying from zero nicotine to 2.4%.But for a new user it is still difficult to assess which flavor is best suited to their taste buds but no confusion no more.” Green smoke electronic cigarette offers an amazing variety e liquid pack because variety is a key factor. A user of green smoke verifies, “You can get to know about what all flavors taste like, the variety pack doesn’t have just one or two of the available flavors but five in one single pack!!!”

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In the e liquid variety pack the options are rich tobacco, menthol ice, and red label tobacco for those who want their smokeless cigarette to not just look and feel like a real cigarette but taste like one too. These flavors are for those who wish to savor the natural and pure tobacco flavor but want to do it in a smokeless way. For those who don’t want their e cigarette to even hint of tobacco even if it is in a non pragmatic way but are looking for creamy flavors, there is vanilla dreams and mocha mist.

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