Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Goes All out in Making Best Electronic Cigarette of 2014

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes have been currently rated as one of the makers of the best electronic cigarette. They have been making inroads with selling the best electronic cigarette over the tobacco industry as there were currently around about 2.5 million full time vapers. Green Smoke Electronic cigarette offers smokers the chance to enjoy an improved smoking experience as it feels and looks like real cigarettes, yet it offers none of the tar that are common with tobacco. Many vapers believe that the greater options of customization that an electric cigarette brand offers, the better its chances of making the best electronic cigarette. This is why offering an unmatched vaping experience is what Green Smoke offers as its promise to all its users. In its effort to create the best electronic cigarette on the market there has been numerous commendations that the Miami based vaping brand has been attributed with.

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Most of its smokers believe that the fact in its pursuit to make the best in the market, Green Smoke has excelled at offering incredible throat hit with each draw. This has been called by many to be as crucial in determining the best vapor cigarettes on the market as the constant generation of thick vapor volume in every puff. This in addition to that they have been considered to make among The Best Electronic Cigarette Products that offer a rich flavor as well. Yet Green Smoke is determined to create the ultimate in vaping by eliminating all of the smoking inconveniences like cigarette butts, ash and unpleasant smoke odour. It has also gone further by being one of the first brands that allow smoking electric cigarettes while they are recharging and coupled with easy cartridge replacement makes it very popular.

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In its pursuit to be counted to be among the industry icons, Green Smoke has created its Innovation Lab which makes it possible for advanced technologies to be experienced by numerous vapers. The best example of this is the Sensor Safe feature which will prevent their e cigarette liquid from causing possible damages to the battery.

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