Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Offers 10% off Electronic Cigarette Liquid on Limited Sale Offer

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2014 -- Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette is now offering smokes the chance to save 10% off their electronic cigarette liquid cartomizers for their 4 set of 5 packs. Therefore for a total of 20 E cigarette cartomizers that each have the flavor as well as the nicotine strength of the smokers choice, Green Smoke offers this limited time opportunity to save 10% of the marked price. This gives smokers a great chance to be able to stock up and also financially save on their electronic cigarette liquid FlavorMax cartomizers of their choice as they desire. Also there are greater opportunities to which the vapers would be able to make more savings of up to 25% on their electric cigarettes resupply with the monthly plan that is offered by Green Smoke.

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In order to avail all the benefits that are being offered by Green Smoke the buyer must first select the product options that are relevant to them and this will be the flavor type. The most common flavors that are offered by Green Smoke electronic cigarette liquid are Mountain Clove, Mocha Mist, Vanilla Dreams and Smooth Chocolate. Green Smoke also offers these flavors in 5 nicotine strengths ranging from 2.4% strength to 0% nicotine free strength. Also by subscribing for the e cigarette liquid Monthly Refills plan which is considered to be an easy option to make sure for a customer to have their cartomizers automatically delivered to them monthly and also allowing them to save on average 20% on each order.

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