Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Presents Exquisite Range of Smokeless Cigarette Products

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2014 -- Green Smoke is a smokeless cigarette brand known for its superior quality product. The smokeless cigarette cartridges by green smoke electronic cigarette are available in a varied number of options and the brand is known to offer cartridges, which give thick flavor full vapor until the end. The nicotine level in Green Smoke ranges from 2.4 % to 0%. The 2.4% nicotine level is quite strong and is compared to strong cigarette where as 0% contains no nicotine but still provides the smokeless cigarette users with the same great taste. With the wide range of nicotine level in electric cigarette cartridges, one can easily chose his level depending upon his taste.

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Green Smoke electronic cigarette not only gives the choices in the level of nicotine but it also provides smokeless cigarette customers with various flavors so that one can puff into his favorite flavor of vapor cigarette. It provides customers with seven great flavors from which he can choose.

Experts at say that the smokeless cigarette product range is exquisite like there is Absolute tobacco- it gives the taste of natural tobacco with a sweet and smooth flavor, Red label tobacco- it has a bold taste and is similar to the classic tobacco cigarette, Tobacco gold- it gives the taste of the finest cigar that one can find, Menthol ice- its freshness, Mocha mist for it gives the taste of roasted coffee with chocolate, Vanilla dreams is manufactured to provide users with sweet and creamy vanilla flavor, Smooth chocolate- it gives the taste of rich dark chocolate.

Most of the e cigarette brands offer a wide range of e liquid flavors and are constantly working towards making the draw smooth and rich of flavor. Electric cigarette have become extremely popular with time. A vapor cigarette basically consist of cartridge which is a small plastic container with both end opens, an atomizer which consist of a heating element which vaporizes the liquid, a magnet adapter which combine battery with atomizer, battery and a liquid.

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