Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Special Programs Get Popular with Electric Cigarette Users

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2014 -- Green smoke is a leading Electronic Cigarette Brand of the Electric Cigarette Niche. Green smoke products are priced slightly higher than products of most of the other electronic cigarette brands but that has never affected the popularity of green smoke with electric cigarette users. The fact that customers are ready to pay the extra price for green smoke electronic cigarette products lays claim to the high quality standards performance that green smoke electric cigarette assures.

Price of Electric Cigarette Products from green smoke is higher but green smoke has presented a number of program and scheme to customer through which customers can save on purchase of green smoke products. On signing up for green smoke a customer gets entitled to a 15-25% discount on every purchase. There is a trade in program which is also beneficial for vapers who have been using other e cigarette brands for the vaper can trade in old charger-battery of another brand for a new essential e cigarette starter kit from green smoke.

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There are other two programs too like the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette recycle program. There are two recycle programs; one is for cartomizers while other is for battery. On collection of 80 cartomizers, the customer can call the customer service for free shipping and get 25 loyalty points which are almost equivalent to 5-pack of FlavorMax cartomizers.

There are many other offers too; one is the reward program/loyalty program which allows customer to earn points on every purchase and then redeem it later for Free Electronic Cigarette Products worth the points earned. Thus green smoke electronic cigarette is making efforts at offering great money saving offers to customer and the brand is one of those top rated e cigarette brands which are known for its fine quality which is worthy of the price quoted as per experts.

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