Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Variety Packs Attracts Smokeless Cigarette Users

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette offers a number of award winning flavors, although the individual packs are liked by smokeless cigarette users but what has emerged as a surprise winner is the variety pack offered by green smoke. The variety pack which has five of the best e liquid flavors of Green Smoke being sold in a single pack for a reasonable price is attracting a lot of smokeless cigarette buyers. The pack allows the customers to try all the top e liquid flavors of green smoke electronic cigarette in a single pack.

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The five e liquid flavors available in the variety pack are red label tobacco, absolute tobacco, menthol ice, mocha mist and vanilla dreams. The first two flavors are tobacco mimicking flavors which are often loved by people who like the essence of tobacco. The third flavors i.e. the menthol ice is a refreshing flavor while the last two are rich creamy flavors completely dissimilar to the tobacco ones.

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Expert at say,” These five are the most popular and best selling flavors of green smoke electronic cigarettes.” Upon the launch of the variety pack, the product marketing manager for green smoke, Aaron Weigensberg had said,” ,” We want our customers, especially our new customers, to experience the best of what Green Smoke has to offer, The Variety Pack will enable our customers to sample our flavor line and find their favorite flavor. This Variety Pack will result in all of our customers being able to experience Green Smoke’s most popular flavors and decide which one is right for them.”

The target set by the smokeless cigarette manufacturers is certainly being met as more customers are buying the variety pack to try a range of flavors. The green smoke smokeless cigarette brand is one of the best e cigarette brands and is known for providing true value products coupled with fine quality and variety. Smokeless cigarette reviews for this brand suggest that customer deem green smoke as a top player.

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