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Green Smoke Helps in Saving Money of the Smoker States states that Green Smoke electric cigarettes help in saving money of the smokers. The brand has taken another step to gain the position as the best e cigarette by introducing various programs to help the smokers in saving money.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- states that this is a commonly known fact that cigarette smoking can prove to be an expensive habit to maintain. Unfortunately, this decision cause even more stress, making smokers even more reliant on cigarettes. This results in reduced money to spend on important items, with many people ending up in the middle of a vicious cycle. Green Smoke electric cigarettes is a solution for individuals who haven’t been able to quit smoking but still want to save some money.

According to electronic cigarette reviews, Green Smoke works for supplying the world with a smart new alternative to smoking. The brand utilizes innovative new technology for manufacturing and distributing the high quality electronic cigarettes in the market. Experts say that assuming that the smokers pay $6 for a pack of cigarettes and smoke about a pack a day which is 20 cigarettes; the person would spend $2190 a year on cigarettes. This is without including the additional costs of dry cleaning bills to get rid of the cigarette smell, lighters, and ashtrays. On the other hand the Green Smoke FlavorMax Cartomizers are comparable to 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes. If the smoker keeps the routine of smoking a pack a day in that case the person spends only $827 a year on Cartomizers and $661 if the smoker orders the Super FlavorMax Catomizer. This saves $1365 every year.

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e cigs or electric cigarettes, offer smokers the best alternative to traditional cigarettes. Providing the nicotine in a variety of flavors, e cigs allow smokers to maintain the habit while saving money. Green Smoke spares the smokers money along with preserving the health as it offers the customers free shipping along with life time warranty. The brand has revamped the services to provide more convenience to the customers. It is preferred because of its best quality products, accessories, flavors, starter kits at very genuine price. One of the smokers said “Green Smoke offers an absolutely amazing smoking experience. The amount of vapor it produces provides a truly realistic smoking sensation. The taste of the cartridges is authentic and the batteries are dependable. On top of all that, they help a lot in saving money that exceeds all reasonable expectations.”

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