Green Smoke Leads the Drive in Electronic Cigarette Brands Making Vaping Ethically Friendly

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- Green Smoke electronic cigarettes has long been one of the top vaping electric cigarette brands which many have said to provide an enjoyable smoking experience. In fact, Green Smoke pleasurable and smooth experience that the smoker will always look forward to. With their increasingly popular two-piece design, their ability to produce vapor that is both rich and smooth and non-offensive has made it one of the best electronic cigarettes brands on the market. Yet this has created a scenario that has resulted in vapor cigarette made by brands such as Green Smoke to be seen as environmentally friendly.

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According to estimates by researchers, there are annually about 1.7 billion cigarette butts ending up as litter and pollution, and yet vapor cigarettes have been making a difference. In fact electronic cigarette brands due to their nature do not cause a quarter as much litter as tobacco. With cigarette butts being non-biodegradable as they contain the same types hazardous chemicals like carcinogens from a cigarette which the Best Electronic Cigarette Brands have avoided. With Green Smoke there is no cigarette butts that can add up to the wastes capable of harming the environment. This is one of the reasons why Green Smoke, has managed to be ranked among the top smokeless cigarette brands on the market. Other benefits that are responsible for Green Smoke success have been the fantastic nicotine throat hit as well as the ability of being able to use the device while it charges

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With looming FDA regulations, Green Smoke has been at the forefront of trying to uphold its values and commit to being compatible to any possible policies in the future. The company has long stated that they as well as the other electronic cigarette brands only sell their products to mature smokers only.

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