Green Smoke Leather Case Quality Reviewed by research has established that green smoke leather case is a great quality e-cig accessory available in the market.

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2014 -- A recent research conducted by has come out with path breaking results about the Green Smoke Leather Case. The market for e cigarette accessories is huge and e-cig lovers are not refraining from spending hefty amounts to ensure that their e smoking experience is nothing short of being the best. But the research revealed that 80% of the buyers in the niche are still very confused about which accessories to spend their hard earned money upon and which ones to give a miss. Another 70% of the buyers agreed that a good case to store e-cigs in a stylish manner is a must; and 95% of these unanimously approved of their preference for leather cases if they had to buy one.

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The stylish New Green Smoke Leather case stands out as the best option to bank upon in the current accessories segment. It can hold and transport not just cigarettes but every single need of an e-cigarette smoker. The Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Leather Case is an ultimate visual delight with the soft touch leather and precision stitching that go into crafting it. Some of the distinctive features of this offering from include the availability of three mesmerizing colors (black, tan and brown), the capacity to hold 2 e-cigarette batteries with cartridges attached, 3 extra cartridges and a USB charger. This one indeed comes with the promise of offering a lot of space and utility!

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