Green Smoke Make the smokers Go Green expresses

Green Smoke electronic cigarette is designed to help smokers switch to a smarter way of smoking say Green Smoke gives the smokers enhanced smoking sensation for the ultimate feel of smoking.

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Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2012 -- The environment goes green with the electronic cigarettes as they do not produce any smoke .Green Smoke is for those who want to switch to a better living. E cigarettes do not contain any tobacco; they provide taste, quality, convenience and the vapor is thick, smooth and flavorful says At the top of the Green Smoke e cigs, is a cartridge that holds the e liquid and battery for heating that liquid. When one inhales the liquid, the battery activates internal heating element and the liquid is changed into a flavorful vapor.

Traditional cigarettes contain tobacco which causes air pollution and soil pollution. Presence of smoke is very harmful for the environment and even for the non smokers. E cigs contain nicotine with a unique flavor and is free of tobacco. Green Smoke announces that even the nicotine flavors can be adjusted as per one’s need. Different levels of nicotine available by the brand are strong, full, light, ultra light and zero. Green Smoke helps in maintaining a pollution free environment as electric cigarettes do not leave any residue like ash or carbon monoxide gas.

When electric cigarette is being inhaled, there is no risk of toxins and fire. Green Smoke electric cigarette not just leave no residue but they also turn tobacco cigarette users to the new way of smoking. Green Smoke has already helped the environment with its tobacco free e cigs and one doesn’t have to worry about disposing off butts of cigarette. The happy users say that “I feel good using green smoke e cigs and even more when I am contributing to the environment”.

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