Green Smoke Offering Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit at 28% off MRSP

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2014 -- Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette is regarded as one of the most popular brand that has been said to electronic cigarette starter kit products of unrivalled quality. They are currently offering the Green Smoke Pro Kit at 28% off the usual price but this offer is for a limited time period only. The Pro Kit is the company’s flagship electronic cigarette starter kit that comes with 2 lithium ion rechargeable batteries one of which is a long rechargeable and the other one is short. This electronic cigarette starter kit also comes with 1 USB Charger that is meant to recharge the vapor cigarette from any PC or Mac computer. Also Green Smoke is also offering this kit with one High Powered Home Adapter as well as High Powered Car Adapter.

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Many analysts and experts including those at DigitalSmoke.Org believe that compared to what’s on offer from most electronic cigarette brands, Green Smoke offers great value items in their packages. This bestselling vapor cigarette kit also comes with 8 flavor options and a range of nicotine strength that are all customisable at the specific requests and taste of the vapor. As well as the impressive discounts, there are other savings that are being offered as this Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit has the same value of 15 packs of cigarettes. There is also a deluxe Carrying Case that will enable the smoker to be able to carry the electric cigarette starter kit more conveniently. This combined with a Green Smoke user guide and also a membership card that is designed to make enjoy vapor cigarettes easy.

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The facts on the ground are that electronic cigarette starter kits are becoming more popular by the day and tobacco cigarettes are so expensive. Brands like Green Smoke are determined to offer a cheaper yet more personalised smoking alternative to that stigma

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