Green Smoke Present Big Saving Offer on E Liquid Purchase to Customers

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2014 -- Green smoke Electronic Cigarette other than its high end quality vapor cigarette products is also known for its E Liquid range and FlavorMax cartridges. E cigarette Liquid is in product list of many top electronic cigarette brands but a few e cigarette brands like green smoke electronic cigarette that are on top of the game right now are coming out with ways to better the product line. FlavorMax e liquid cartomizer from green smoke e cigarette are known to last longer than the regular cartomizer as available with other leading vapor cigarette brands.

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FlavorMax cartomizer last longer and in every pack there is a total of 5 cartomizer. The 5 pack cartomizer pack is priced at $16.97 which is quite less but green smoke is also offering discount on multiple purchases. For 4-7 e liquid cartomizer specials the customer can avail to a discount of 10% and on an order of 8 or more, the discount increases to 20% off. As per e cigarette reviews from a top review site, the FlavorMax cartomizer are the longer running cartomizer and give as much as 255 more vapor than other brands. The cartomizer can be personalized as per the choice of the user, the E Cigarette Liquid flavor and nicotine strength can be chosen from a range of options available.

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The green smoke FlavorMax e cig cartomizer are also triple sealed which make them avoid any form of leakage which also assures that a customer can get the best thick, rich, flavorful vapor from the e liquid heating every time. The smoke volume and flavor are high and long lasting which according to expert at, make this deal not just a money saving one but also allows customer to get out of the E Cig Liquid and e cigarette on the whole.

Green smoke electronic cigarette’s e liquid range is wide and there are options to choose from when it comes to nicotine strength as well thus giving the luxury of choice to electronic cigarette customers.

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