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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- shares the Green Smoke Pro Kit reviews and gives an idea of its superior quality accessories. The Green Smoke Pro Kit is one of the starter kits offered by Green Smoke vapor cigarettes and comes in a trendy package. Green Smoke cigarettes are one of the bestselling electronic cigarettes in the world and make the journey of heavy smokers easy.

These cigarettes help reduce their strong cravings and make them stick to electronic cigarettes only. This can be quite a life changing opportunity for all the smokers and lead to quitting regular tobacco cigarettes. Green Smoke electronic cigarettes can be ordered online or purchased from local stores. These cigarettes are user friendly being easy to hold and useable everywhere.

Green Smoke cigarettes release water vapor and no smoke and have no tar, no ash, no carbon monoxide and no combustion properties. The pro kit costs USD 99.97 and encompasses a USB cigarette, 2 lengthy durable batteries, car and home electric connectors, a USB charger, 10 aromised filters, a luxurious moving case that fits well in the pocket and a users’ manual.

The Green Smoke Pro Kit also offers a wide range of other facilities. It provides dense vapor and filled taste. It also has lengthy durable batteries that are very dependable and is free of any kind of nasty smells. It provides nicotine in varying strengths and has 8 nice preferences of flavors to choose from. Every single such kit makes for huge savings and is equivalent to 15 cigarette packets.

The Pro Kit from Green Smoke is smokeless and has improved on the originality and flavor aspects further. That is why, this kit allows the easy switch of smokers to vapor cigarettes and is very classy.

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