WhereTheresSmoke Gives a Five Star Rating to Green Smoke E Cigs

WhereTheresSmoke is a leading e cig review website, which has recently granted a five star rating to Green Smoke e cigs.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2012 -- WhereTheresSmoke is a website which is involved in reviewing the top e cig brands that are available in the international market. In the recent past, this website has managed to cover all top brands that are popular amongst the masses. Of the several brands available in the international market, only a handful of brands manage to make it in the top 10 listings. Apparently, Green Smoke is one such brand that has managed to be in the top 5 listings ever since it was launched officially in the United States.

Green Smoke cheap e cigs are in great demand the world over and they have indeed managed to win the hearts of millions of smoking enthusiasts the world over. In the recent past, it has been noticed that the total number of customer reviews that have been received by consumers have increased at warp speed. The main reason why Green Smoke was granted a 5 star rating by the esteemed review panel at WhereTheresSmoke was because this brand had indeed managed to amass high amounts of positive consumer feedbacks in the past month. This in turn led the elite review panel to give it a higher ranking in the top 10 list.

It is a well known fact that Green Smoke has been a pioneer of sorts and has helped introducing electronic cigarettes into the United States. Over the years, this brand has withstood stiff competition from other competing brands and has emerged as a clear winner in several respects, which include a clear victor with regards to the overall quality of its products. The e cig review at WhereTheresSmoke has also clearly revealed the might of this best selling brand, which has managed to be remembered despite countless other brands being launched on a monthly basis.

Undoubtedly the best e cig for millions of smoking enthusiasts the world over, Green Smoke e cigs have introduced several products in a bid to fulfill the increasing requirements of serious smokers. The U- Power Kit as well as the Disposable E Cigs which were launched by Green Smoke was the highlights of this brand and they were much appreciated by smoking enthusiasts the world over.

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