Green Smoke E Cigarette Outshines Competitors With Its Thoughtful Accessories’ Line-Up

Green Smoke e cigarette has come up with some really thoughtfully designed accessories for e cigarettes that are bound to make the smoking experience a lot convenient and smooth for its smokers.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2012 -- E cigarette review websites are abuzz with praises of Green Smoke e cigarettes. Its claim to be the best electronic cigarette undoubtedly comes from the thoughtfulness that goes behind designing of Green Smoke accessories. A quick look at the accessories offerings’ list at the Green Smoke official website makes that very much evident.

The Green Smoke carry case, for instance, is the most basic accessory offered by the brand, but in Green Smoke’s case it is not the usual case e cigarette for carrying batteries and cartridges that most e cigarette manufacturers offer as accessories. This one is special; it is a stylish case tailor-made to snugly carry Green Smoke batteries of different sizes and also the special cartomizers that are trademark of this brand. The case that comes in 3 exciting color options makes style meet utility as a cartomizer or battery placed in it is completely safe from all kinds of possible damages. For the extremely fashion conscious, there is also the extremely pretty crystal-studded Sparkle Carrying Case in black, green and silver colors for that edge above the rest.

This e cigarette brand also boasts of another star e cigarette accessory- the 100 Rubber Tips pack. These rubber tips allow multiple users to sample the Green Smoke electronic cigarette in a more sanitary way. As for the correct way for their usage, the product information for this accessory at the Green Smoke official website puts it as- “By switching the rubber tip for each person who smokes a Green Smoke® e-cigarette, you can ensure that people's lips never touch the same place, so they can all sample and enjoy the same electronic cigarette.”

Cheap e cigarettes can never even think of coming closer to the impressively awe-inspiring Green Smoke accessories line up. The manufacturer has gone to the extent of taking care of even the slightest concerns that an e smoker may have that may be preventing him/her from enjoying the experience to the hilt. The Green Smoke Easy Traveler Coffee Cup is a result of that very thoughtfulness. It is a 16 oz. tough coated, leak resistant, vacuum insulated tumbler constructed with a view to help smokers to “safeguard the environment and enjoy a great cup of coffee with your electronic cigarette.”

For the loyalists to the brand, there are also the Racing cap and the Racing t-shirts as accessories to flaunt their smart choice of electronic cigarettes.

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