The Green Smoke President’s Day Sale Offers a Whooping 15% off on All Products

The Green Smoke electronic cigarette has officially announced its President’s day sale.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) --02/20/2012 -- The Green Smoke electronic cigarette has officially announced the start of its President’s Day sale. Apparently, this sale is symbolic to commemorating the President’s Day, which incidentally is of great value for the American people. Without a shadow of a doubt, this brand is reckoned as one of the leaders in the industry and it has succeeded in maintaining its lead amidst stiff competition.

Undoubtedly considered the best electronic cigarette by millions of smoking enthusiasts the world over, this brand has managed to fulfill the promise of millions of smoking fans the world over. Apparently, it has been noticed that smoking enthusiasts prefer puffing on the Green Smoke starter kits as compared to any other brand simply because this brand has several goodies in the offering, which in turn keep the smokers happy and smiling.

The electronic cigarette review at WhereTheresSmoke has clearly stated that Green Smoke has successfully managed to remain ahead of the competition simply by ensuring that it keeps itself abreast with the latest technology and continually produces new and innovative products on a regular basis. In the recent past, Green Smoke has introduces several Smoker Kits as well as advanced electronic cigarette accessories to ensure that smoking enthusiast are always provided with what they actually require.

Often considered a perfect electronic cigarette brand by smoking enthusiasts the world over, Green Smoke is now offering a flat 15% off on all its starter kits, accessories as well as the world famous FlavorMax cartridges so as to ensure that smoking enthusiasts from across the globe are able to enjoy the thick and voluminous vapor which is being offered by the best selling Green Smoke brand.

With the help of the President’s Sale, smokers can avail the best selling Starter Kit Pro for a meager $110.49, the FlavorMax cartridge for as low as $11.55 and long lasting batteries for just $29.74. Now, even the budget conscious smokers can easily hope to avail the best selling starter kits as well as the world famous FlavorMax electronic cigarette cartridges without feeling a pinch in their pocket.

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