Esmokehub Announces the Availability of Green Smoke's Carrying Case

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Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/30/2012 -- Esmokehub announces the availability of Green Smoke carrying case.

Green Smoke, a reputable electronic cigarette manufacturer, offers high-class e-cigs to help smokers switch to this healthier option but meeting their smoking cravings through vaping. In addition to e-cigs, the company also manufactures accessories to use with the main unit like carrying case.

Esmokehub, a known electronic cigarette review website, announces the availability of Green Smoke’s new carrying case, which is made perfectly for storing its electronic cigarettes. These e-cigarettes are made from various parts and they can be sensitive so it’s vital for users to handle them with care. For people who are having problems where they can store their Green Smoke e-cigs, they are looking at this accessory as the perfect solution.

Priced at $19.95, Green Smoke carrying case is designed to keep e-cig units safe. This case is perfect for people who will travel as they can simply put the case inside their bags and vape whenever they want to. This case is available in three colors like white, black and green. The good thing about this case is it can carry several items in it like two cartomizers, two batteries, and USB charger. It is styled to have a perfect space for USB charger so it will not be an issue as they put the case inside their bags. Many e-cig users may not really have an idea about the availability of this accessory so Esmokehub once again informs buyers about its features and benefits.

Dean, an avid e-cigarette user, was able to purchase this Green Smoke product and said, “I really love this case. As a person who travels around because of work, this carrying case keeps me from worrying about my unit being damaged inside my bag or side pockets. It’s a great value offered for Green Smoke users.”

Green Smoke is commended by the review website as among the best e-cig brands in the market. This product’s price didn’t escape the eyes of its panelist. They indicate that the price is reasonable after comparing its benefits offered for Green Smoke user particularly on keeping the item safe.

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